How to Choose Reliable Commercial Washer and Dryer – 2024 Guide


Like every business, laundry businesses must choose reliable equipment and use safe products to provide high-quality services to the target market continuously. You need to equip your laundry shop with the right commercial washer and dryer to streamline your business operations and attract customer satisfaction.

For most business owners, choosing a reliable washer and dryer for your laundry business is a daunting task. You will not only look at dryers and washers of different brands, but you will compare them with their capabilities. While doing so, you are handling other tasks to start your business. Thus, we are here to help you focus and narrow the options down.

Check Budget and Finance


Before anything else, you have to check and consider your budget and finance. Starting a laundry business and buying the right equipment is not easy– you have to budget for the investment appropriately. Moreover, several considerations come into your budget and finance.

Plan out a realistic budget and stick to it when you purchase the equipment. Check which can save you money and give you convenience in the future.

Do Comprehensive Research

Since you want equipment that’s cost-efficient and conveniently durable, you need to do comprehensive research. Choosing the type of washer and dryer machines is something you should comprehensively research about.

You can survey your potential customers– restaurants, hospitals, hotels, school dorms, and ask whether they go for a commercial laundry service like Liox and how much they spend on their laundry loads.

After you have an idea of your potential consumers’ laundry costs, you can visit local laundromats. You can check the washer and dryer brands they use, observe their business operation– do they offer a full-service laundry with staff or a coin-operated self-service system?

Study your market. Offer laundry services that are still unavailable in your area. If you offer unique or more beneficial services, you will gain more customers.

Check the Loading Capacity of Both Washer and Dryer


Laundry capacity is an essential consideration in choosing a reliable machine. Unlike the machines commonly found in households, a commercial laundry service needs a larger capacity. Often, these large capacity washers and dryers are also large.

Washers and dryers have three load capacity– small, medium, and large capacity.

  • Small capacity machines can only accommodate laundry loads weighing less than 10 kilograms. Most of them are small-sized, making them ideal for an apartment setting.
  • Medium capacity machines are the ones ideal for household laundry loads. It can handle a week’s worth of laundry. Laundry load should not go more than 20 kilograms.
  • Meanwhile, machines with a large capacity are the best choice for a commercial laundry business. It can handle large and bulky items and laundry loads of more than 20 kilograms.

Since you are starting a laundry business, you have to choose the washer and dryer with a larger capacity. It will save you time, effort, and money. Moreover, you will keep your clients satisfied. However, you have to consider the washer and dryer’s size since most large capacity machines are large.

The space of your laundry shop might not be enough for larger machines. If you cannot afford to lose more space and rent a bigger one out of your options, then the distributor is your last resort. Distributors can help you design a functional laundry space for you. Moreover, you should consider expansion and remodeling plans as your business grows.



You have to check how easy you can control or use the washer and dryer. Do not assume that everyone knows how to operate it. If you plan to have a self-service laundromat, ensure that your washer and dryer are easy to use. Choose that equipment with minimal complications to avoid your customers from being confused.

Eco-friendly Features

Recently, consumers are looking for brands and companies that have minimal to no impact on the environment. In other words, they support companies that are in the green movement. If you are an environmental advocate, you should go for machines with eco-friendly features.

Most eco-friendly washer and dryer are highly programmable. You can customize its programs based on the need of your laundry business. You may need to set it on quick wash or other wash and dry program.

Nonetheless, machines with eco-friendly features do help the environment not only help the environment and help you. It is known that laundromats spend almost 50% of their gross revenue on their energy and water consumption. However, if you use eco-friendly machines, you will reduce your utility costs.

The more you reduce your utility (water and electricity) costs, the more profit you will receive. Research has observed that new machines will save you more than a thousand per year.

Read Online Product Reviews


You can determine the reliability of a washer and dryer machine through product reviews. When doing research, look for online reviews of laundromat owner. They leave honest reviews– if their washer and dryer machines are reliable, or if it malfunctions often.

Partner with Commercial Laundry Distributor

If you have the option to partner with a reliable commercial laundry distributor, do so. A laundry distributor helps you plan your laundry business– from equipment purchase, laundry room design, ongoing support, and maintenance. They will share their expertise with you. After all, having a successful laundry business is not only about using a reliable washer and dryer.

After you purchased the right commercial washer and dryer machine for your business, look after it. Even if your equipment is the best or the most reliable one, it will not last long if you will not give it proper care. Remember, replacing a broken washer or dryer will cost more. Thus, aside from choosing wisely, take care of your machines properly.

Learn the best practices of using the machines, and read its manufacturer manual to maintain it. Make it work at optimum efficiency to satisfy your clients and gain more potential customers. You will appreciate how using the right laundry products and reliable machine through customer satisfaction in the long run.