4 Most Common Myths About Roulette You Shouldn’t Believe – 2024 Guide

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Game making and table breaking decisions for the Roulette table are based upon the desire to hit the big jackpot. Why would anyone go to a casino anyway? Therefore, whether someone goes with a black, red or chooses to take the gamble, he wants to go as high as possible.

Many good reasons have made the Roulette a good casino game with high popularity. The most common reason is that this game is relatively easy to understand and play. Moreover, the odds are actually quite favorable for the players and your hands go quickly too. Visit Casino.Netbet.it if you want to play the game.

But if it is that popular, what’s the deal now? There are certain misconceptions about the game. People are not aware of the game versions and, therefore, cannot play well in other versions. Likewise, there are other misconceptions about the game that will be discussed in this article. So if you are new to online casinos check this site onlinecasinos.com.sg, give a read to this article and know more about the Roulette table.

1. About the version of the game

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Not many people are aware of the fact that this game has several versions and not just one. There is a standard American version. This version’s number range is from 1 to 36 with 0 and 00 markings on the wheel. But other than this one, you can also find some other versions that include the;

Multi-wheel Roulette

It takes you to a completely different level. Although the main table is single, but several wheels on it are used simultaneously. You can play on different wheels at a time. Thus, it depends upon your choice of how much wheels you want to play.

Furthermore, you can have more chances to win the game with multiple wheels. For example, you bet on five wheels. Thus, you will have five bets and five chances to win the prize or lose it. This game is quite exciting and also increases the chance of winning a big prize.

Multiplayer Roulette

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As the name shows, this game includes a group of people playing together. Therefore, different bettors gather around the Roulette table and play the game together. There aren’t any benefits to playing together unless you want some company. That is why, if you want to learn some tricks from experienced players, you can try out this version.

French Roulette

Have you ever heard about the Queen of casino play? It is referred to the French Roulette. You get fewer options to bet in this version. Furthermore, there is only a single 0 on the wheel. This version of the game is not as common as the other ones. Therefore, you need to learn the rules before playing it. The rules are different because it is considered as one of the first casino games to exist. But that’s according to France, who knows what actually the first one was.

European Roulette

This is the simplest version of Roulette table. Moreover, it is also quite similar to the standard American version of the game. The only noticeable difference that you will observe in the game is of the digit “0” on the wheel. The American version has 0 and 00. On the other hand, the European table has just a single 0. Although you might find it insignificant from a gamer’s perspective but it is quite a thing. In terms of house edge, European version has 50 percent house edge compared to the standard American version.

2. A foolproof strategy to win the game

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Whether it’s mobile games or other online games, you can always find cheat codes. But that is not true about casino games. Although there are certain tricks that you can use, but cracking the code is almost impossible for general people.

In terms of Roulette table, hedging the board is considered an effective strategy. But actually it is not. It’s just a myth.

The bets spread across the board. Therefore, you get a chance to win a bigger prize. The higher the risk, the greater your chance of winning would be. The thing to be cautious of is that the odds won’t be in your favor. Rather the house will be on the advantage. Therefore, irrespective of the betting combination, the fact that the house will have an advantage over you will not change. So, if you are not looking to stick to the odds and evens, under 18 or black or red, you can try risking a bit of an amount.

3. The gambler’s Fallacy

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This myth has become so common that it got its name. According to the Gambler’s Fallacy, your initial trials of the games impacts the future game. This is not true.

Take for instance, your first 3 spins rested on black while you made a bet on red. Thus, all three of your bets went into vain. So what will be the choice that you will make in the 4th time? Betting on the black? Right? That would be wrong. You cannot make the prediction beforehand. In the overall game, the total number of black and red are equal. But you cannot make predictions when it will land on red or black. Therefore, even if the first 3 times the bet landed on black, there is a fifty percent chance that it will land on the black and fifty percent for red.

4. The martingale System

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The martingale system is a strategy for winning the Roulette table. But it is actually a myth that this trick works. It actually does not. According to this system, your next bet should be made so to cover the losses. So if the first bet was 2 units, the next one would be 2 +1. After that, the next bets would be 4 +1 and next, 8 +1. It seems to be a good strategy and has been in practice for years. But if this system actually works, the gamblers would always be on the winning side.