Here’s why You Should Opt for Computer Science or IT as Your Major – 2024 Guide


The world has shifted from the prestigious finance and business degrees to computer science degrees in the recent past making them one of the most popular majors around the world. If you’re a high school student looking ahead of time for a major or are in college and are struggling to choose, computer science or IT major is the answer!

Popularity of computer science majors is not incidental; in fact it’s the success of Silicon Valley and the richest men who have led this. With that said, if you wish to have a thriving career and an interesting experience at college both at undergrad and graduate level, definitely opt for the subject major. Few reasons to help you opt for it are:

World of innovation


Needless to say, the aforementioned major requires a definite interest from the student. If you’re tad bit interested in the subject, you’re all set to go! Technology has revived the world. Everything we use from our cell phones to even microwaves, fridges etc. are now operated with internet and are assisted by you. Not only has it made our lives easier, it has made the world more accessible. Further, the major industries in the economy including but not limited to healthcare, education, banking rely on softwares which are developed by none other than college students themselves which have led to much deserved bucks in their banks.

Technology has made the world a better place to live. All of this has been possible only because of some revolutionary minds with passion and degrees to come up with such brilliant ideas. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs are few revolutionaries themselves who’ve completed rebranded internet itselt making it more like a necessity than it ever was in the past.

If you wish to live much longer and have the right attitude and passion towards the subject, you too can design or rather innovate gadgets and software that not only have its impact in the long run but will also change or rather improve the lives of millions of the people in places you don’t even know exist. Computer Science degrees in layman terms are designed to build up on your ideas and ambitions by equipping you with skills that will get you closer to your goals. With that said, technology is the future now it’s on you to decide if you want to be part of dynamic industry or not.

Rewarding jobs


Computer science degrees from reputable college can land you well paid jobs right of the bat. These jobs are lucrative and rewarding. It is imperative to understand that since the jobs you land are so attractive, these degrees are fairly difficult to get admission into as of the cut throat competition. To get ahead of the game and have an edge over other candidates you must stand out.

To stand out during admission process is extremely important. Not only is the process based on grades which mind you must be spectacular but is also depended on a plethora of other things. These factors include your ACT/ SAT score, extracurricular activities and your college application. To have a decent ACT/ SAT score you must start prepping for it early on and get it done and out of your way by the time you’re a high school senior.


The reason why getting done with the exam early on is advisable because with each year you progress, the subjects tend to get even more difficult meaning you have to compromise on one by excelling in the other and well, we can’t afford that. Further, as far as your extracurricular activities are concerned, you must understand that top notch colleges need candidates who are much more than a bunch of nerds, they need people who have a life outside the books and the classrooms. With that said, you must explore your options and become part of groups and societies at school which you truly enjoy even if it doesn’t have to do with your ultimate career goal.

Moreover, the most crucial bit is the college application. The college application is basically a roadway to know the candidate. It must be filled smartly and needless to say, honestly. Try to write your college essay as well as you can and get it proof read by your friends, family and even teachers. To get all your bases fully covered, you can even get assistance from online resources on your essay which include websites like PaperHelp which provide tremendous help at an affordable price so what are you waiting for? Get in your dream college and be the next Steve Jobs!

Explore your options


With the computer science degree getting so much momentum, various colleges offer them. It is imperative to weigh both pros and cons of each college in mind. Few factors to take under consideration are as follows:

  • Geographical Location (Are you ready to relocate? Are there options to live on/off campus?)
  • Major (Does the college offer your desired major? What is the employment rate of its alumni?)
  • Budget (Is it within your budget?)
  • Size (Are you comfortable being in big classes or small?)

To help you choose, following is the list of colleges which offer the best Computer Science degrees:

  1. University of Oxford, U.K.
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), U.S.A
  3. University of Toronto, Canada
  4. ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  5. Tsinghua University, China

It is important to understand that college is a stepping stone towards fulfilling your lifelong dreams. Success there will open many doors for you, and for the experience to be as painless as possible, you can always opt for some of those science homework help services. With that said, it is imperative to opt for a degree you’re truly passionate about regardless of how the job market and/ or the viability of it is.