10 Cool Gift Ideas for Metalheads – 2024

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The origin of this kind of music lies at the root of one genre of rock – it’s heavy metal.

Heavy metal is a genre of rock music. It is characterized by aggressive and fierce rhythm and very amplified and distorted guitar sound, most often with pretentious lyrics and virtuoso playing technique. Heavy metal is influenced by hard rock but is less commercial, more aggressive and often with faster rhythms. Heavy metal can also be influenced by blues, progressive rock and many other styles. Heavy metal bands are composed almost exclusively of guitarists, bassists and drummers. The peak of popularity was recorded in the 80s.

There are various sub-types and directions such as speed metal, ghotic metal, thrash metal.

As we all have at least some friend who is dedicated to this music and lifestyle, it will certainly be difficult for us to choose the right gift if we are not fans of it ourselves. So we will do our best to help you and give you ideas on how to buy gifts, as buying presents for holidays, birthdays and all other celebratory situations can be quite stressful, especially if you have no idea what to buy.

What is characteristic of fans of this type of music is that they are often musicians because they like to know how to play their favorite songs. So there are some ideal gifts to look for.

1. Guitar tuner

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Every guitarist has to keep his instrument in the right tone. A guitar tuner is an electrical device used by musicians to detect and correct the intonation of strings on a guitar or any stringed instrument.

Although there are many applications today that can do this important step before playing, tuners with a clip to attach to the guitar head have proven to be the most accurate because of their proximity to the vibration of the strings. Some of them offer the ability to check all the wires at once, while combinations of tuners, recorders and metronome are available on the market.

2. Capo

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A guitar capo is a small gadget that resembles a pinch and fits into the guitar neck (included in the standard guitar accessory) and is extremely useful in a lot of situations. One of every guitarist’s better friends.

A variety of models are available on the market, but particularly interesting are those that allow each wire to be adjusted individually.

3. Pick punch – A device for making picks

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This will surely delight any musician and true music lover. No matter how many picks you buy, it always happens that you can’t find one, probably when you need it most. This innovative gadget allows you to turn any piece of plastic into a pick. In most cases, it works best with plastic cards (such as bank cards, etc.) or plastic lids. The great thing, and then you can decide for yourself what the design will look like.

4. Professional wireless headsets

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Every metal music fan wants to listen to his favorite song in the middle of the night. As since they do not want to wake up the family and neighbors, but on the other hand want to keep the sound and volume quality at the highest level, this is a must-have and a gift that will make them very grateful.

5. Guitar strap

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A quality and reliable guitar strap is extremely important to anyone who plays. In addition to being of high quality so that the instrument does not end up on the floor of the stage, they should also provide comfort, so pay attention to the quality of the material and the length adjustability. In addition, they are unique in style and design, so you can always find one that fits their favorite guitarist or band. It will make this gift even more personal and better. If it does not have a lock system, the leather strap finish is a must-have.

We have presented some of the most useful gifts to you, and now we will pass on to others, which will certainly greatly delight the person you are buying to.

6. Pendants and figures

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If you want a smaller and inexpensive gift and still be interesting, this is a good choice. You can find pendants of all shapes and motifs, and you can also just make one if you have an idea. If you don’t have an idea, you can get more ideas from the bikerringshop site, which has a large selection of pendants. The figures will be a great decoration on someone’s desk or bookshelf. Choose a Lemmy figure or some similar big metal music star.

7. Merchandise

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A choice you won’t go wrong with, whether you’re shopping for a fan of sports, music, or anything else. You can buy a T-shirt with a print of their favorite band or print something unique about metal music yourself. The same goes for sweatshirts. Then come the denim jacket or leather jacket. The choice is huge.

8. Vinyl

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Vinyl is back in fashion. Although it seemed to be outdone at one point and disappeared from the scene, with the advent of cassettes and CDs, vinyl is now back. Although technology has advanced and you can carry thousands of songs on your USB, the gramophone record is a great gift choice. People still like to hear that specific sound that only vinyl plays. Find out what is their favorite band is and you won’t go wrong.

9. Viking horn

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You might wonder why this, but Viking culture is very prevalent in metal music. Order a viking drinking horn online and your friend will be noticed when he drinks from his horn at some festival. Some models are made of real bison or cow horn, while cheaper copies are made of metal or plastic.

10. Metal studded boots

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Whoever has been to a metal concert knows this is a very useful thing. The best type of footwear for such events will certainly be the right choice. And your friend will remember you when the slam dancing starts.


The choice is huge, you just need to know the person you are buying well and then there is no chance to go wrong. We wish you the best of luck in your search!