Modern Backyard Ideas for 2024

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We all know that the perspective of “the modern” is very changing and that new trends constantly appear around us. Even elements that were trendy in past seasons are recovering and we don’t really know what the next seasons will hold for us. It works for all segments of house designs as well, and backyards among them. Those are spaces full of fun and fantasy. For the little ones, they’re a world of adventures and discoveries. For the older ones – a space to relax and have a good time. But regardless of the purpose or use you give them, they should always be well-designed and comfortable. And, In case you like modern stuff, it should be trendy as well.

The design and decoration of backyards has changed a lot over the years. This happened thanks to the influence of landscapers, experts in gardening and outdoor furniture designs or decorative objects for gardens and yards. All this became increasingly affordable for the majority of the population. To keep you up to date, we show you some simple ideas to decorate this space and give it a modern look.

Cool furniture

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If the modern garden is characterized by something, it’s by the geometric lines of its furniture. These will create a minimalist and neat space. Those of stainless steel and plastic are the most recommended if you intend to have them outside during all seasons of the year, but those of rattan or wood are also great for any corner of it.

We could say that the furniture is essential to achieve a garden or backyard that you can take advantage of and enjoy. Incorporating practical and comfortable furniture, such as a good armchair accompanied by a coffee table, will increase the desire to go out there and relax in the most pleasant atmosphere. This way you‘ll create an outdoor living room, perfect to contemplate your garden, connect with nature and enjoy some relaxing moments outdoors. All you need is a little bit of creativity, but you can also find many adorable ideas in magazines or on the Internet. In order to prevent these spaces and bunches of furniture from looking independent, you can also join them with a path of plants or flowers. So many possibilities!

Make it colorful with plants and flowers

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Plants and trees make gardens beautiful, but especially its flowers. It’s fundamental to take into account the flowering seasons of each plant so that you can diagram a calendar to have flowers in the garden throughout the year. It’s a great idea to use flowers with different periods of flowering, so when some finish, others begin to blossom.

As for the way of distribution of these plants in these spaces, there are many options, ranging from plants in quarries, to vertical gardens on walls, hanging pots and other endless possibilities. Old chairs, wheelbarrows, old furniture and kitchen pots that we no longer use also often become beautiful vintage, but also modernized support for these plants. Obviously, if you have grass, pots or plants, the first thing you have to do is take care of them, that is, water them every night now when the heat comes, remove dry leaves, etc.

Add a hot tub or a little swimming pool

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If your garden enjoys adequate privacy, you can choose to integrate a hot tub in it, perfect for resting surrounded by nature. A good way to give a magic touch to this area is to incorporate wood with an outdoor treatment around to create a flush platform. This will increase comfort and safety.

The pools are usually the center of attention of the houses which possess them. In order to make them look even more exotic and present-day, you can surround it with a couple of palm trees or lush bushes that enliven its splendor. You can also use colors such as bright blue or water green around it to harmonize the place with furniture near the pool. The blue color of the water transmits the tranquility and harmony of its smooth movements. It’s ideal for exercising or for a moment of relaxation, either listening to its sound or observing the surface. In case you need some ideas or additional information about the implementation of this detail, you can learn more here.

Make some stone paths and details

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The use of the stone is perfect for the lawn or yard, both on a practical and aesthetic level. As a decorative element, it never goes out of style. The paths made based on pieces of stone allow you to organize your space and facilitate the care. If you want to achieve a dynamic and natural look, we recommend you to use irregular and unworked stones.

In spaces of a medium or large size, it’s highly recommended to create different areas to get the most out of it. These different areas can be delimited, for example, with decorative stones or be differentiated from each other by using different types of stone pavement. The different shapes of the rocks and their various sizes and colors allow us to create personal and very decorative concepts within the general design idea. The introduction of natural materials such as wood in furniture elements apart from this is rather helpful when designing a perfect patio. This generates residential areas where you can enjoy unstoppable moments of rest and peace.

Build a little waterfall or a tiny fountain

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Another way to introduce this pleasant combination of stone and some other details in the garden, is by creating a whole stone wall bathed by a curtain of water. This option is very fashionable in today’s gardens because it brings beauty, a focus of attraction and hygrothermal balance. This resource allows us, in turn, to create a sensory spectacle. It’s all thanks to the contrast of colors and textures of the stones used with the transparency of the water, but also to the set of sounds produced by the water splashing and burbling around. Not surprisingly, these resources have been used by Eastern cultures since time immemorial, by experts in Zen landscaping.

The fountains are elements that we can always introduce to our backyard if it’s of a bigger size. It always helps us create a special environment. Also, these are especially suitable for climates where high temperatures are predominant in summer and ideal for the geographical areas with low humidity. Designing elements such as minimalist design sources will help you create chromatic contrasts and add elegance and personality to the garden. It’s not convenient to overload your patio with decorative elements but it’s always a good idea to choose a piece that will dominate the space.

Don’t forget the lighting

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As we can conclude while seeing all those splendid pictures in home decor magazines, lighting is essential to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in your garden. You can choose suspended lights or fixed luminaires – everything depends on the style of the space.

The shadows and the blurring effects that the light casts around the shapes make this area look more decorated, but with little decoration. Use white light reflectors for elegant spaces and amber light to create warmer and more welcoming environments. You can enjoy beautiful evenings and gorgeous nights in an atmosphere like this and also place lights that change color to adapt to the moment. Or choose a warm tone in order to always have a romantic and comfy atmosphere.