Creative Sound Blaster EVO USB Entertainment Headset


No matter if you’re chatting with your friends or listening for the steps of your enemies in the game. Your ears should deserve the best headset for gaming around. The best headset is not just the gaming peripherals, it should more than that. Therefore, in this review, I’m going to share you about “Creative Sound Blaster EVO USB Entertainment Headset” one of the best headsets around.

Features of Creative Sound Blaster EVO USB Entertainment Headset:


The best gaming headset is not one-size-fits-all and here, I’m not just talking about comfortability, but also about the budget-friendly headset. One of the best cost-effective and excellent headsets for gaming entertainment world is Creative Sound Blaster EVO USB Entertainment Headset, which satisfies double as a worthy headset for movies and music apart from games.

The features of this entertainment headset are described below in a detailed manner.

  1. High-quality audio:

The sound blaster headset features 40mm FullSpectrum drivers which make high-quality audio and gives crystal clear communication with its dual microphone array.

2. Noise canceling:

Ear cups in this headset cover your ears fully, so it avoids noise from outside. Thus, when you’re in outside, you hear only your music or songs that matters to you.

3. Voice control:

This headset has friendly high-quality voice pickup which features voice control applications. So, you can hear voice accurately, even you’re in a noisy environment. Dual mic array in this headset removes background noise and ensures voice clarity.

4. Foldable design:

This headset allows you to fold up to 70% of its original size. Thus, it is very easy to carry in its carrying pouch.

5. Personalization:

This advanced sound blaster headset features personalization on audio via PC or Mac. A control panel of this device gives the advanced audio processing through PC or Mac. And, you can save this options and make use of it when you’re on the go.

6. Compatibility:

By using either USB cable or analog 3.5mm jack, you can connect this headset to your PC or Mac. It comes with an analog cable for connection or buy the analog cable separately and make use of it.

Product specification:

  • Brand name: Creative
  • Model number: 70GH026000002
  • Product dimension: 2 x 3.1 x 7.5 inches
  • Color: Black and red

The sound blaster EVO USB headset comes with the following items:

  • Sound Blaster EVO USB
  • Micro-USB-to-USB cable – Length: 1.8m (5.91ft)
  • 4-pole analog cable – Length: 1.2m (3.94ft)
  • Quick Start leaflet


  • It provides more connection options such as Bluetooth, jack and USB cable
  • Answering an iPhone call is very easy with pressing an integrated button located on the right side earcup
  • It produces high-quality audio
  • Headset cups cover your ears effectively to cancel the outside noise
  • Dual mic in this headset ensures crystal clear communication by removing background noise
  • It features voice control
  • Its foldable design makes it easy to carry in its case
  • You can save your personalized volume settings to make it ready-to-hear always


  • Weight of this headset is bit heavy

Frequently asked questions:


Q: What is the length of included analog cable?

A: The length of attached analog cable is 1.2m that is 3.9ft. If you feel this is short, then buy your own cable and use it.

Q: Can I use this headset on my smart device?

A: Yes, you can connect this high-quality audio headset to your smart device, PC, and Mac.



Do you want to buy a headset for multipurpose including gaming? Want to use it on your smart devices? Then, I strongly recommend you to buy the Creative Sound Blaster EVO USB Entertainment Headset, which meets all your needs. This device got 3.9 stars out of 5 for its ultimate features.