Decorating Trends in 2024


2020 marks the beginning of the new decade, and with the new time, new styles are born, and others return. The past decade was marked by strong trends such as minimalism, and in recent years various forms of decoration have become present as the return of vintage, which is also present in 2024. All these styles of decoration are accompanied by the latest technological advances in home items to provide the best comfort in the home.

This year seems to be a hybrid between the new and the old in terms of design. It has a great emphasis on the use of space in a practical way and the optimization of each area through technological implements. Despite this preference for practicality, it does not leave aside aesthetics, being decorating rooms with a strong personality and mixing elements of different styles a trend.

There is not a fixed style of decoration that is becoming a trend, but the combination of various modern elements with classic styles. What we are looking for is the harmonious implementation of these elements to our spaces. The style of decoration can go in different ways, following the contemporary milestones.

A Smart House


From the smart fridges that tell you when food is about to expire, to systems that control various aspects of the house like google home, there are smart home accessories. Lamps that work as bulges or to place things, being decorative and functional guaranteeing a surround sound, taking comfort to another level, which in turn, instils a contemporary aesthetic.

These elements are quite discreet, so they blend in perfectly with any decor. Nowadays, there are different designs and different colors. However, in terms of accessories, appliances should preferably be of the same range or with the same finish for not end up with a mess of appliances that are out of tune with each other, mainly in the kitchen.

Wooden Decoration

Wood is a distinctive material in many types of decorations, especially in rustic styles. Although rustic decoration itself is not in trend, many of its elements are. From wooden furniture to decorative beams on wooden ceilings, the material is present in contemporary homes to give houses a warmer and more homely feeling while maintaining elegance in decoration.

Wooden doors, in particular, are being widely used, mainly because they are durable, sound insulating and provide privacy, but aesthetics are an important factor. There are many types of wood that are better suited to different colors and styles. They can also be carved and painted, so adapting and customizing them is simple. Sites like show the variety of wood doors and how they adapt to different spaces.

Apothecary Shelves


The apothecary’s shelves with glass surface have recently become fashionable with a peculiar use, in the living room or dining room. These types of shelves should be accompanied by pieces that you want to highlight, such as porcelain or a collection of records or figures. It is a way to store and save space but at the same time, display those things you want to have a presence in your home.

Lots of Blue

Blue is the predominant color today, from furniture and countertops to entire walls. This color gives depth to spaces, transmits tranquility and contrasts very well with neutral and soft shades. For areas with wooden furniture, blue is an ideal note to keep the decoration in a contemporary, non-rural style. It is a refreshing color, especially recommended in warm areas and spaces with abundant natural lighting.

It is important to remember that blue is an intense color and must be balanced with other colors; otherwise, space can become overloaded. A good way to use it is on furniture, curtains and accessories.

Oriental Style


Use of beige, division of spaces with lines, nature and the use of wood. Many elements of the oriental style of decoration join the mixture of contemporary houses to balance the modern and technological space with refreshing and natural components. These oriental style features are combined with others of the Nordic style such as plants and abundant lighting to give way to a harmonious and pleasant space.

The oriental style is a type of decoration that gathers the appearance of different kinds of oriental designs, mainly from China and Japan. This style is quite marked, and the aim is to emulate their inspiration, imitation and interpretation of nature in the closed space.

The new decade comes with significant innovation in the way of using the already known styles, predominating the personalization, the intense colors and the creation of spaces that reflect your personality. The central points are technology, vintage and nature, no plastic and preferably the use of eco-friendly materials. Beige walls with Chinese lamps and kitchens full of blue with black, the styles of the new decade seem to come to surprise us all.

High Contrast

With the evolution of materials, manufacturers have much more space to develop and introduce improved designs of furniture, paints, walls, frames, and more. We can see that the current trend is to play more with different colors and acquire a high contrast between various objects. For example, you can choose to have a white wall with black frames or a kitchen with a black sink. Moreover, a very good example is a kitchen with blue elements, a white surface, and a golden sink. The main advantage is that you can express your own style by playing with various combinations.



Like the term is saying, this trend is the opposite of minimalism that was very popular for a long time. Instead of trying to add only necessary things and tend to have as much space as you can, maximalism is great for people who want to express them by adding a variety of furniture in various colors, pictures, plants, and many other things and tend to use most of the space in the best way. The advantage of this trend is that you are free to combine various styles and trying to be more unique.

The Art of Multifunctional

With the fast development of technology, people are starting to use more and more devices in their homes, along with the advanced version of common appliances like kitchen stoves, refrigerators, smart TVs, and many more. However, you should know that there is still a way to combine old-fashioned styles, retro objects, and paintings, along with the most recent technology updates. It might get an unordinary appearance to set-up a working desk and fill it with antiques, but you will get completely new and redesigned ambient. You can create a new approach when it comes to the design of your living or working space, and that is especially important during 2024 when many people are working from home.

Warm Fabrics


Instead of fabrics that are used in the creation of antiques or leather, we can see that more comfortable alternatives are becoming very popular in recent years. Now it is all about comfort and methods to increase it as much as you can. Therefore, there are all sorts of materials today that you can use as a perfect alternative to traditional fabrics. Also, you don’t need to follow any standards. Instead of that, buy some unique type of fabric that will make your experience while hanging out next to the fireplace in the living room even more comfortable.


The trends are always following the most recent innovations in construction, technology, new devices, better materials, and more. As we can see for 2024, many trends are related to various combinations of traditional and modern methods. Also, we expect this trend to last for a long time. The main advantage of combining modern and traditional is that you can keep a sense of comfort while being able to improve your living with new appliances, modern devices, smart lock, improved security systems, and many more.