4 Popular Sports Betting Strategies that Actually Don’t Work – 2024 Guide

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The system of betting has prevailed since the dawn of mankind. Also, it is believed that the betting system will continue to exist as long as casino games, sports and humans exist.

Making money by betting on sports can be quite tough. However, following a few strategies can prove to be helpful. You might come across several sports gamblers who win consistently. They have made sports gambling their profession and earn a good living out of this.

These professional bettors claim that they prevail several secret techniques which help them to win. However, not all strategies will tell you how to win. If such strategies really worked, every person playing bets would become rich and sportsbooks, and casinos would have gone bankrupt.

If you are looking for the best tips for popular betting markets, then consider visiting Footy Accumulators. They also offer the latest bets and offers to help you win a lump sum amount. In this article, we will talk about the 4 popular sports betting strategies that actually don’t work. Let us know more about them.

1. Martingale System

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This system is very famous among the bettors. It is believed that by betting using this technique, gamblers can double their winning amount even if they have just lost a bet. This method is believed to help recover the lost amount and a small portion of the profit as well.

However, there prevails an apparent problem with the trick, which is that after every lost streak, the bettor will need to bet an enormous amount of money to get back to even.

Not many sportsbooks exist that consider bet sizes as important to overcome such a betting system. There prevails another problem with this betting method. It is dependent on the real even-money that is rare since a commission of about 5-10% is charged by the sportsbook on almost every bet.

2. The Labouchere System

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This system is also known as a split Martingale system. The bettor will have to initially come with a unit for the base of betting. They are then required to jot down a labouchere sequence which is very commonly used. For instance, the sequence of 1-1-2-2-1-1 can be used.

When the bettor has to choose a bet amount, they will have to take up the initial and the last number from their sequence. If you consider the example, then your choice will be (1+1).

After losing a bet, you are required to add the unit number of your bet at the edge of the series, and bet that particular number. If you win this bet, you will have to strike out the last and the first number from the sequence. In reality, this system is not capable of guaranteeing a win to you, even if the bettors assure you the same.  Also, the risks involved are quite high.

3. The Negative Progressive System

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This system is almost similar to the Martingale​ system. In this system, the bettor often raises the bet incrementally by equal units after they lose each bet. Moreover, after they win a bet, they go down to the base of the betting unit.

This system is believed to be a rational version of the Martingale system, as in this system instead of the betting amount getting doubled, it gets increased by a single unit.

In the martingale betting system, you will have to be careful till the last bet, but the negative progressive system takes into account the overall percentage of wins so that the losses can easily be out-numbered.

4. Reverse D’Alembert

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If you are not aware, D’Alembert also has a reverse version of​ it, and it is just the opposite of the main version. The bettor will have to decrease the bets after they suffer a loss, and increase it as they win a bet. While applying the reverse method in the betting strategy, it would prove more profitable to you, if you have a very long string of colours.

You need to know that this betting system requires bettors to start with a betting unit that is quite high. The number should be something in between 5 and 10.

If you start your bets from 1, and you lose the very first game, then you will not have anything to deduct your bets from. Hence, it is advised to choose betting units that are high so that you can easily decrease the bets that you lose.

However, this betting system does not prove to drive fruitful results. The risks involved in betting a high betting unit is quite high. In case, you end up losing the bet, you will incur a huge loss.

We have only talked about a few betting systems here that are proven not to work. However, the betting industry is full of such systems. There are more than a hundred such systems that prove to be fruitful to some people, while they do not bring any results to the other persons.

You will even come across professional bettors claiming that they have cracked the game of betting with such systems. However, that might only be a trap to make you lose your bets. Do not believe anyone until you try out these systems yourselves.

You should properly read the steps before betting on sports so that the chances of getting a house edge gets minimized. House edge can impact the game, and hence, you should be extra cautious about it while betting.

The Bottom Line

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You should not forget to thoroughly do your homework if you are determined to win the slots. While placing bets, you should not have unrealistic expectations, otherwise you will end up getting disappointed. Also, don’t follow people’s advice blindly. Nobody is your friend in the gambling industry.

Remember not to play several spots at once as you may lose all your money if you lose the bet. Also, as a player, you should not forget the rules of independent play and probability.