Did You Lose The Insurance Card For Your Car?

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Be cheerful! Losing a car coverage card doesn’t mean a losing life, does it? No, it does not! Even though a majority of American states obligated the acquisition of a car insurance policy so that you will be able to look after yourself from any physical accident. It is still losing a card not life and other things can alternatively be used as a proof of coverage such as the coverage bill before you get back a new one. This compulsion of getting a car coverage policy necessitates an investigation of the stated law if it is abided by the state’s residents or not. Therefore, the only way to know is by proof of coverage, and that is where your auto insurance card comes in. The force agencies do check car drivers for it. What to do to expiate this loss shall be explained subsequently, just keep reading and try not to stop.

What to do in an emergency case?

  • For emergency cases, log in to your email account, look for any vital policy insurance document that has been sent to you before by your provider, to improvise and prove your innocence.
  • You also have another option of logging in to your insurer’s website (most car insurance companies have their site) and fish out your coverage policy information. Situations where you don’t know your login details, you should quickly dial your insurance company’s number and request for your login details.
Img source: thebalance.com

What to do in a non-emergency case?

  • It is simple, call your insurance company and ask for a renewal of your car coverage sheet. Some companies do this while charging you a few dollars.
  • Always have a safety net: try to have additional copies of your coverage policies in your car’s savable box, such as a storage area at the door side or the glove compartment.

Having photocopies being kept safe is always the best way to go, you know “prevention is better than cure.”

Getting a replacement for a lost insurance card

The truth is, most people don’t make use of the ID until they are being busted by the police, therefore, we often misplace it or even forget it at home. To replace your lost card, simply follow the steps that have been explained under the “what to do in a non-emergency case” section. The charging price for insurance card replacement varies depending on your policyholder. According to a post by Todd Clay’s (retired agent, now a blogger in the U.S), posted on July 31, 2019, the coverage fee is $5 depending on your insurance policy holder. Even though it is a few dollars, getting a cheaper insurer is surer! Try to find the cheapest quote visiting and typing your ZIP code on a site such as https://www.americaninsurance.com/

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Lost car insurance card alternative

The majority of states in America permit the use of a declaration page; a nicely detailed document about your coverage policy information and the coverage you purchased, it was permitted in case you lost your car insurance ID. This document can replace the function of the card number, just that it is not easy to handle and carried all along like the card number.  Also, it is one of the best quick options left while you are requesting for the new car insurance ID from your providers. The declaration page will surely be helpful for at least 14 days.

How to keep your insurance card safe?

  • One of the eminent ways to keep your car insurance ID safe and secure by having a fixed storage box for it within your vehicle.
  • If you have added more than a car on your coverage policy and just a card is given for all of them, try having the original copy of the coverage ID in the car you use the most, and then duplicates in the other vehicle(s).
  • Request for a new one immediately if lost! Don’t wait until you are pulled over by the police; it may only worsen the fiasco.