Knowing Spain in a motorcycle

Spain has geographic features for those who love the motorcycle way of life. Variety of landscapes, incredible curves, hidden towns and, of course, good food. It’s a big country with a relatively small population, and concentrated on a few big population centers, so the majority of the country is virtually empty.

The general limit on roads out of town is 90km/h unless signed otherwise. If there’s a second lane in one direction that goes up to 100km/h. Motorways are 120km/h. Urban areas (within town/village/city signs) are generally 50km/h but might be lower, and there are often residential areas that have 20km/h limits. You have to know that in small towns and villages there are often speed sensors on the way in. You can rent a motorcycle while you’re in Spain or rent a car with

In summer, in the dryer areas, there’s a gradual build-up of dust that can make the surface very slippery, so you must be cautious. We will show you some routes to have the first contact with this amazing country. From North to South, because sometimes you will think you are in different countries. You can check the best motorcycle roads in Spain in

If there is a biker mountain in Spain, this is Gredos. Located in the center of the country offers hundreds of different routes. In any of them, you can enjoy the environment, the culture, and the amazing landscapes from Valle del Tietar to the top of Gredos. Here are two examples:

  • Puerto del Pico. It’s the faster route. It goes through a Roman way built 2000 years ago. You must stop at the top to enjoy the views and take a deep breath.
  • National Park of Gredos. It’s a fantastic nature reserve where you can find mountain goats, very good local cuisine and excellent accommodation.

In the North of Spain, there are two amazing places where you can find hundreds of different routes again, all of these are designed for risk lovers. One of them is at Picos de Europa, this a real paradise for nature lovers. It has incredible curves surrounded by green fields for those who look for a pure adrenaline rush. The other one is the Pyrenees. A lot of routes are available at this mountain range, the biggest in Spain. You can find there the hardest mountain passes, and from Navarra to Cataluña, there is so much variety for every taste. Summer is the best season to go, but if it’s not too rainy, Spring and Autumn are also good moments as well.

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And don’t forget the South. The white towns route is almost mandatory. It goes through Málaga and Cádiz with a travel distance of 200km. The most attractive of this, apart from the towns themselves, is the winding roads. In Cádiz, also, it is possible to do another amazing route between Tarifa and Caños. Tarifa is the most southerly town in Spain and therefore in Europe. From this road, Africa can be seen on the horizon. To enjoy these views, we recommended a stop at Mirador del Estrecho (about 8 km from Tarifa). You can admire the beautiful beaches (some of them almost untouched) and Roman ruins in Bolonia beach.