The Difference Between Tree Trimming and Tree Removal – 2024 Guide

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To keep your trees healthy and beautiful all year round it is important to know the exact needs of your trees. Whether it needs to be trimmed or removed, as a homeowner, it is essential to understand their differences to protect your trees better. Either of this tree care option can be a better choice than the other one.

In this article, Greensboro Tree Services will share the difference between tree trimming Greensboro and tree removal. We will help you choose which of these options is necessary for your trees.

Tree Trimming

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​Tree trimming should be done periodically to make sure that the trees grow in a healthy state. It is important to trim dead branches immediately for it not to compromise the growth and the health of a tree. This tree care step also helps maintain the aesthetic look and desired shapes of your trees.

Trimming your trees should also be a necessary step to avoid the branches from hitting the neighboring properties.

Periodic tree trimming prevents any potential accidents and danger to your home as well as to your surrounding structures. Always make sure to check your trees and trim branches that are dead, diseased and branches that are hitting the surrounding properties.

Experts advise tree trimming to be performed twice a year, but it still depends on what kind of trees you have in your yard. It is ideal to have your trees checked by a professional to evaluate how many times should the trees be trimmed. Most flowering trees should be trimmed right after their blooming cycle around late June.

Tree Removal

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​There are some instances that a tree should be removed such as a dead tree or a tree that is nearly dead. In a situation like this, it is best to extract the tree to prevent property damage and accidents. Some trees should also be removed if it’s risking your safety, check and see if there are some branches that can strike an object and fall any time soon as well as trees that are infested because it may spread the disease to some other trees in your area.

Tree removal is a last resort step if other conservative options are no longer applicable. The tree should be taken out safely from the area. It is best to have this done by a professional tree service to prevent accidents from happening. Most of them are trained in safely and adequately removing trees that are infested, dead or simply unsafe.

To better determine what’s best for your tree, you can consult a tree service company to better help you with any tree problems you may have. Tree service companies such as Greensboro Tree Services provides full property evaluation to determine which action is appropriate for your trees. Tree companies have the right tools for tree trimming, tree removal and other necessary action that should be taken to maintain the beauty and healthy state of your trees.

Qualities To Look For in a Tree Care Service Company

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The first thing that should be done before hiring a tree service company is to do online research, so you can have a glimpse of the services they offer. And with so many options out there, you have to make sure that they are the best in the area. The top qualities you should look at in a tree service company include the following:


Hire a company that has been in the tree service industry for many years because it gives you assurance when it comes to quality results. One way to find out is is to check out the project they previously completed and some reviews from their customers.

A tree service company requires years of experience to guarantee that your trees are in safe hands enabling them to be healthy for many years to come. Their tree specialist should also be experienced using heavy equipment and tools in instances where a tree should be removed in the area. During your consultation with the company do not hesitate to ask questions associated with the company’s experience.

Fully Certified

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Some tree companies are not fully certified in providing the services mentioned on their website, and that’s something you need to be aware of. A company that is licensed, bonded and fully insured can legally provide the services that are listed on their website. This also covers you whenever accidents or property damage occurs during tree removal or tree trimming. You will not be liable if anything bad happens.

If there are instances you need a tree care service, make sure that the company is fully certified to cover you from possible liabilities, because if not you might end up spending more money than you should be. Check out their website and call their insurance to verify what their services cover.


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You would know if the company is customer friendly if they give you your quotations in a timely manner, answers your queries without any hesitation and proactively provide you with the necessary information you need. Anything that’s out of this is considered a red flag. Like other types of services, a company should be approachable and puts the customers first.

Extensive Knowledge

Having extensive knowledge regarding tree care service goes hand in hand with experience. The longer they are in the industry, the more knowledge they have about tree care. Projects like tree removal should be handled by a company that fully understands the ins and out of tree care service.

You would know how knowledgeable they are once you contact them for a free estimate and how they answer your queries regarding tree care. Observe how confidently they answer your questions.

Affordable Pricing

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One of the reasons why most homeowners try to do some tree care by themselves is because they are worried about the price of the service. Tree services such as tree removal or tree trimming are not that expensive. It just had a bad reputation when it comes to its cost because some companies give unfair prices.

When it comes to affordable pricing, it is best to ask the tree company for an estimate or check out their website for their price list.