How to Choose a Professional Tree Service in 2024

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There is a basic rule of thumb that we should all follow in life, and that is that everything we own and have requires maintenance. This applies to the relationships in your life, your health, your car, your house, and literally anything you have or own. This is because nothing is really meant to last forever, there is no state of permanence to anything as is. You have to put in the necessary work to make sure that things remain stable and in good condition.

If you have a garden or a bunch of trees around your property, then you have to take care of them as well. You cannot allow things to grow out of control, you have to make sure that some things are controlled, and all problems are sorted out before they turn into bigger issues or a possible hindrance later on. These hindrances can look like weeds, overgrowth, pests, the spreading of diseases in your plants and/or trees and so on.

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The average person today does not have the time or the skills to be able to take care of their trees, this is why you will need to rely on tree service professionals. You can find a number of tree service companies like Saints Tree Service Cleveland that can assist you in taking care of your trees. However, if you have no prior experience handling trees or dealing with tree service companies, it can get confusing to choose the right one. This is why we are going to try to relieve some of your stress by coming up with a list of things you need to keep in mind when looking for a professional tree service company. You can, this way, go through a mental checklist when you are reviewing potential candidates and then find the right company for yourself.

  • No business can be considered a proper business unless they have the necessary qualifications and credentials to back them up. This is where you will look at their licensing, whether or not they are recognized by your government, and whether or not they have gotten any sort of formal training to back up their claims.
  • If they are licensed to practice, then you need to look into whether or not they are insured. Some people do not give this a priority, and this is where they end up making a mistake. Working with trees can be really risky, and if the company is not insured, then that can make you liable to damages in case there are any problems or injuries during the course of the job. Insured businesses keep you safe, so if they are not insured, you need to skip them immediately.

  • Tree services include a variety of services. Some tree service companies only specialize in one or a few services, whilst some might offer more services. You need to ask yourself which services you will require, and then hire a company that happens to offer all of the services that you require. This will prevent any confusion and will make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for.
  • Competitive pricing is also really important, and if you are not familiar with how much services are supposed to cost, you will have to talk to a number of companies in your area in order to get a price quote. You can then compare that price quote and see which companies are offering competitive prices, and which ones are over or undercharging you. Overcharging or undercharging might also be a company’s way to scam you, so always ask them what causes the over or under-pricing and see whether or not it makes sense to you.
  • You want a company that is transparent and will not provide any hidden or extra charges in their contract. This is why you will need to go through the fine print of the contract and see whether or not they are going to be making use of hidden charges to get extra money out of you.
  • Looking through reviews on the tree service company’s website will only result in you seeing positive and distorted views. You can make use of different online forums, or ask the company to let you see their portfolio, and if allowed, talk to their previous clients and ask them about their experience dealing with the company and so on.
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  • This might not be a priority for some, but you should look into whether or not the company offers emergency services. Trees can be unpredictable, and if you ever have to deal with a fallen tree, a tree that is tethering over wires or any other similar sort of dangerous or high-risk situation, you want a tree service company that will respond within the hour or else you will have to fend for yourself.
  • Another point that might not have been a priority over 20 years ago but should be considered as one now is whether or not the tree service company offers to cut down the tree immediately. This seems silly, but we are now living in a world where the Antarctic is beginning to touch temperatures that match the average temperature in Los Angeles, and there is nothing normal about that. Conserving and saving as many trees as we can need to be our top priority, and your tree service company should also follow the same principle. So, if they recommend cutting down the tree over minor issues, then they do not care about the trees enough. Of course, some situations do warrant cutting down a tree if it is at risk of falling or causing harm, but cutting down a tree for no reason should not be the answer, and your tree service company should also understand and respect that.

It is not easy to choose the right company immediately, but if you keep the following list in mind and trust your gut instinct, you are very likely to find and settle on a tree service company that will meet your needs.