Do Vertical Jump Programs work?

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These days there are a lot of advertisements and marketing tactics to get you to purchase anything related to fitness. Whether they are promoting workout supplements or fitness programs, the advertisements sometimes seem a little bit outrageous or misleading for regular day people.

This could be a reason why people may be skeptical about purchasing vertical jump programs such as Vert Shock, Jump Manual, and BoingVert, where the cover athletes are usually very tall and athletic compared to an average person.

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These top athletes are saying that these programs have worked for them, but would this work as well for someone who is at a very average level of athleticism?

The answer is yes.

Throughout this article, we will be going through some factors that support the reason why vertical jump programs will work for the average person.

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There is actual science behind these vertical jump programs and the way that they are designed that can theoretically help anyone reach a higher vertical jump.

For example, Vert Shock uses plyometric training techniques. This means that the program is purely based on exercises that do not need weights – purely body weight.

Now, why does Vert Shock do this?

The reason is those plyometrics train the muscle fibers (called fast-twitch) that allow the person to be explosive. Explosiveness when it comes to a higher vertical jump is not solely reliant on strength. It comes from a combination of flexibility, balance, and strength.

Plyometrics training will help your own body understand itself much better while developing strength in a very efficient manner.

Compare, for example, people who train at a high level of calisthenics versus someone who body builds.

Although the bodybuilder will be much stronger in terms of sheer strength, the person who trains calisthenics will be much better at flexible movements, balance, and will be overall much more athletic.

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Similarly, this is why vertical jump programs will work for the average person. There is no unreasonable strength goal in place, and muscle fibers typically show the best results when the individual is a newbie.

With that being said, the gains that you will see in your vertical jump will be diminishing marginal returns. This means that as you progress through the program, your results will show a lot at the beginning weeks of the program but will start to slow down as it nears the end.

So for the average person, you may not be able to reach the 10-15 inch vertical jump increase that some of the programs advertise. But you will probably be able to reach at least a 5-7-inch vertical jump increase if you complete the exercises properly and stick to the program.

The programs do not require an unreachable amount of effort from the average person, as it is mostly based on these body-weight exercises.