How Harmful is Air Conditioning to Your Health?     

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Air Conditioning is now common in almost every apartment, house, and workplace. It won the hearts of billions of people around the world and is now often considered a necessity. Not so long ago, it was a luxury only available to a smaller number of people but is now available to the majority of the human population. However, even though the air conditioning was invented in order to make our lives better and easier, some seem to find it can have some adverse effects on our health. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the benefits of air conditioning and see whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Firstly, there is a right and a wrong way to use the air conditioning. The system is there to keep you cool during hot days, but it can also warm the room up when necessary. Abusing the AC by keeping the room temperature extremely low and making a big difference between the room and the outside temperature can, in fact, be bad for you. Your body needs time to adjust to the changes in temperature and the bigger the difference, the bigger the shock you’re putting your body through.

Here are the main benefits of having air conditioning:

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  • It makes you more comfortable at home and at the workplace meaning you don’t have to worry about being hot all the time and you can focus on different things.
  • It improves your job performance. Extreme heat can affect your performance, mood, and concentration badly. People don’t complain for no reason about being hot while working. The negative effect of heat on your physical and intellectual performance is not negligible.
  • You’re not sweating as much on lower temperatures and you’re losing less water. That means you don’t have to worry about dehydration.
  • Proper air conditioning installation and its regular maintenance can even improve the air quality and keep everyone more energetic and in a better mood. On, the importance of having a professional install the AC is emphasized as experience and knowledge are necessary to minimize the chances of something going wrong.
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So, what is it that makes the air conditioning system harmful? Where do its detrimental effects on our health come from? The simplest explanation is that we’re using it wrong. The AC isn’t inherently bad for us, it’s the misuse that makes it harmful. Just as the air conditioning system that is properly installed and maintained can increase the air quality, one that is not being maintained can cause allergic reactions and transmit all sorts of diseases. If the AC is cleaned on a regular basis and if the rooms are being ventilated every day, the risks of anyone suffering from allergic reactions, pharyngitis, throat irritation, or hoarseness is reduced to a minimum.

People who wear contact lenses can sometimes find it difficult to sit near the AC as it can dry the lenses. It sometimes even exacerbates eye conditions meaning no one who wears contact lenses or has any eye problems should be sitting directly in front of the AC.

Another example of the improper use of the AC is keeping the temperatures in the room below 21 degrees Celsius. Once you walk out, your body will go through a shock trying to adapt to the new, much higher temperature. The ideal room temperature would be between 25O and 21O C.