Drinking Espresso – Health Benefits And Why You Should Consider Doing It

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Every morning we have to wake up and start our day as soon as we get out of bed. Tons of chores and responsibilities await our attention, and if we are not fully rested and feeling energetic right off the bat, we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

Throughout the years, people were trying to find the best ways of becoming energized and “in the mood” for doing all of the required things during the day, and not many of them worked, until they discovered coffee.

Coffee has been used many years ago even by the earliest civilizations, at least according to history, and they loved the effects, but for the modern human, coffee is something that can be compared to ambrosia.

Those who don’t drink coffee are often confused when they realize how much others are praising it, but the smell of this magical drink in the morning is something that cannot be explained unless you decide to try it. Not to mention the amazing energizing effects and euphoria that you feel afterward.

Addicts? Sure, coffee-drinkers don’t care as long as they get their daily dose of espresso in the morning. And since we already mentioned espresso, let’s talk a bit about certain coffee types. Curious about where it all started? Take a look at pageonecoffee.com.

Coffee Types

People that don’t drink coffee are probably not familiar with the many coffee types available at almost every market and bar. Our job is to get you to the dark side, however, so let us introduce you to the various popular types.

  • Cappuccino

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Whenever you ask what kind of coffee they serve at the place that you are, the first answer will always be a cappuccino. This type of coffee happens to be one of the most popular types in the entire world. It is easy to make, tastes great and also looks great.

  • Macchiato

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This is very similar to espresso, except it has foamed milk as the top layer, making it taste better and look nicer. It’s stronger than a cappuccino, although many people think that they’re the same. It’s served in a small cup and it serves as a “tool” to get you powered up as soon as you want.

  • Irish Coffee

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If nobody tells you what’s inside this, you’ll probably keep drinking until you start feeling weird. Yes, it’s a coffee that has whiskey and sugar, and we all know what kind of a combination that is. Although it has an amazing taste that makes you want to drink more, you shouldn’t have more than one at a time or a maximum of two or three per day.


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Most of you are probably wondering why we didn’t mention espresso, even though it’s the personal favorite of many, and it was also supposed to be the star of this list. Well, espresso happens to be so great that we have an entire section dedicated to it.

Before we start going into scientific facts and explaining why people should consider adding this amazing brew to their daily life, let’s give a brief explanation first for those that aren’t very familiar.

Espresso is the type of coffee that offers you the “purest” experience. It’s like getting to know what coffee is about, but it has it’s downsides as well. Usually, this type of coffee has a bitter taste, unless an experienced person makes it taste great, and due to its strength, it’s also not a great choice for everyone.

Those who can handle it, however, are always deciding to stick to it and never switch to anything else. So, how do you make espresso?

The process sounds fairly simple, but when you start doing it you’ll realize that you need to make thousands of espressos to master the technique.

To make one, you need to use a machine that basically “shoots” boiling water through carefully picked coffee beans, and then you pour the mixture into a very tiny cup or a mug. As we said, it sounds simple, but it’s not.

Health Benefits of Drinking Espresso

According to jayarrcoffee, Drinking Cortado Espresso, for example, is known to have tons of benefits, and we’re going to list them below just for you.

  • Improved Memory

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Studies show that by drinking espresso you can concentrate better on learning new things, and by doing this your memory will also improve. Not only you will understand things better, but your brain will store them in a way that will make you remember it more easily once you need it.

  • Improved energy

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Although this isn’t a health benefit on its own, you can use the extra energy to become a healthier person and live a healthier lifestyle. For example, when you’re feeling “down” and without any energy, you don’t even think about exercising or working out. However, when you’re feeling energetic, you always tend to get an “urge” to go run or do any other sport activity, which is something that greatly contributes to your well-being.

  • Improves the work of your digesting system

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If you want to help your body digest food more easily, a cup of espresso in the morning on an empty stomach is a great idea. Not only you’ll feel better and instantly ready for work, but you’ll also get your digestive cycle going without having to consume any excess calories, which is quite good, especially if you are not a person who likes consuming food in the morning.

  • Elevates your mood

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Another great benefit that isn’t healthy on its own, but by having an elevated mood, you can’t be annoyed or frustrated as easily. We all know that stress is something that causes a lot of negative effects both on your physical and mental health, so avoiding it is just another great benefit that you get from espresso.

  • Lowers the Risk of Diabetes

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Diabetes is something that tends to get frequent nowadays, especially amongst people that live in larger cities and have unhealthy lifestyles. Luckily, studies show that when you drink espresso you’re lowering the chance of diabetes, especially if a cup of this brew is something that replaces a piece of cake or any other sweets that are completely unnecessary to eat.