Effective Pest Control Methods you Should Know – 2024 Guide

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Scientific research has proved that pest infestations in homes and commercial properties pose a serious threat to humans, plants, and animals. There are different types of vermin, including fungi, rodents, insects, and more. These creatures can be controlled, or their populations minimized in homes and other properties to a suitable extent through different methods. If you need the help of the expert, such as Responsible Pest Control, to help control vermin in your home or business premises, here are the top three pest control methods you may need to know.

1. Hygiene practices

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There are fewer rodents and other pests found in clean places. Therefore, you should leave no venue or food for bugs to grow on and multiply their populations. Practice good hygiene in your office, business premises, and home to keep insects, arachnids, and rodents away. Clean up your utensils, kitchen countertops, and the entire dining area after meals. Throw the leftover foods in the trash bins that are secured with straps.

Keep your cupboards, stoves, and floors clean. Consider keeping your food products in containers fitted with lids, seal the septic tanks, make sure that the pipes in your property aren’t leaky, flush the toilet after use, and keep everything in your property clean. Your clothes, shoes, and all bedrooms must be kept clean and tidy. The walls, windows, and even your basements should be cleaned and kept as dry as possible.

Clear debris and weeds from your garden. According to gardening experts, you should use mulch and other natural fertilizers. This will minimize the chances of using pesticides if you keep your house, backyard, and the garden clean. If you want vermin-free residents, maintain clean and healthy living.

2. Organic pest control

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To limit the damage caused by vermin, most people go for natural pest control methods that target the intruders only. These control methods don’t harm other animals and plants. Potent and efficient predator traps can help catch and kill the target insects and rodents. Also, sodium fluorocarbonate is a biodegradable poison that can be mixed into baits. This is an effective way to eradicate rodents, insects, and other vermin.

Organic insects control, when done by an expert, is a cost-effective method of controlling both large and small vermin populations. Other common products used in controlling vermin including parasitic nematodes, insecticidal soaps, oil sprays, floating row covers, and more.

3. Biological pest control

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Biological pest control methods are mainly used in greenhouses. They can also be practiced outdoors too. To control rodents and vermin biologically, natural enemies of these creatures, such as parasites, predators, and pathogens, are introduced. This interferes with the ability to breed, resulting in a significant drop in the insects’ populations.

Some predators feed on both the vermin and their larvae. That means with time, you will realize that the insects and rodents are no longer a problem. Biological rodents and insects control methods are eco-friendly. Note that the success of this pest control approach depends on the use of the most appropriate species under the most conducive conditions.

4. The use of chemical pesticides

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Another pest control method you should know is the use of chemical pesticides. Today, there are thousands of chemical-based pesticides used in stores, homes, offices, farms, and other places. Remember, these chemicals should be used as the last resort.

Most pesticides are hazardous and can contaminate food, land, water, and air. In some cases, they are dangerous for people who use them and all other organisms living nearby. Pesticides are available in liquid, solid, and aerosol form. They’re grouped according to the specific types of pests they kill. For instance, insecticides kill insects, herbicides help in weed control, and bactericides kill bacteria.

Pesticides kill the intended animals through oral entry (consuming the product) dermal entry (absorbing the pesticide through the skin) or respiratory entry (via breath). Before you use any pesticide, be sure to check the label on the pesticide, avoid contaminating your food, utensils, drinks, and other usable items.

In fact, the application of pest control chemicals should be done by an expert. Termites and other small pests tend to hide in places that you least expect. Improper use means that you will not exterminate them fully. Within a short period, the pests will multiply, and probably, this time, they will do more damage. Therefore, consult an expert who can accurately estimate the extent of infestation and damage, then use the most appropriate chemicals to exterminate these intruders.

5. Learning more about common pests

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Having in-depth knowledge about pests is an important aspect of rodent control. You should know various signs of rodents and other infestations and be able to identify the specific type of pests that have invaded your home. This is achievable if you already know how different pests look like and their behavior. Remember, identifying pests accurately makes it possible for you to choose the most effective vermin control method and products.
You should never make a mistake in identifying pests if you don’t want to waste time and a lot of resources. Learn where the pests grow and determine what could threaten their multiplication and existence. Also, analyze the extent of the infestation and the overall damage they have caused.

If you are unable to handle this process, it’s time to contact a reputable pest control company. These experts use the latest tech to analyze pests, the extent of an infestation and then determine the most viable pest control method. Indeed, they’re your best shot at exterminating all pests in your property and creating a pest control plan to prevent future infestations.

Wrap up

Has your property been invaded by bugs, rodents, birds, or any other type of pests? There are many ways to control and exterminate these pests. This process requires you to identify the pests, their behavioral pattern and choosing the best vermin control method. This is a challenging process for most property owners and managers. This is the primary reason you should consult with an experienced rodent and insect control expert to determine and implement the most effective vermin control methods.