6 Golden Rules to Save the Planet in 2024- Students Choose Eco-Friendliness

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With more and more attention being paid to the topics of global warming and ecology, in general, many people, and especially younger generations, are developing a more conscious approach towards the world surrounding them.

The world has never seen as many young activists as in the 21st century. School and college students are taking an active part in volunteering programs and various eco-projects more often, which is, undoubtedly, great. However, to reach the ultimate goal, no one should stay aside.

How could you personally make a change? Even if it seems like you can’t really do anything to save the planet, you may be too busy with obtaining education or too far from the major ecological issues, remember that real change starts with you! You can do so many things to save our planet from spreading the information on global pollution to using glass bottles instead of plastic ones.

Let’s take a look to the following rules for eco-friendly students!

1. Be Aware of New Trends and Spread the Information

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To begin with, taking into account the latest environmental news is a crucial part of being eco-friendly. There are numerous student organizations taking care of our planet, for example, Environmental Law Society, Green Husky Coalition or Forest club. When you are a member of such a group, you already did a lot, but still, the membership only is not enough.

Have you ever noticed someone doing wrong to the nature around him? Did you try to persuade him? Probably, yes, and you know how hard it is. Being an active member of an environmental group or organization suggests you do the same but for the hundreds of people.

What to do if you have so many things to say, but have no idea of how to do it? How can you fix it if convincing even one person is so hard? The answer is simple – find the right words, or ask someone to help you with that task.

Smart task delegation is at the core of striking a golden balance these days. For instance, if you are a busy student trying to strike a golden balance between getting a diploma, day-to day errands and a part-time job, you hardly have time for volunteering. The advice will be – make time! Some tasks can be delegated to the professionals from essayservice.com – this way you will have more hours to dedicate to spreading info on eco-friendliness.

If you are still not sure if you’re up to the task, know one thing. Even celebrities tend to use the services of professional speechwriters to present their ideas publicly in the smoothest way. If they can solve this task that way, why can’t you?

Next time when you will be preparing to take the floor at the students’ conference, don’t hesitate to make a request “write my essay for me” to professional speechwriters. You will surely be amazed by the power of the words written by experts and how seriously they could be taken by community.

2. Less Plastic

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A large amount of plastic waste has always been one of the biggest threats to our environment. Despite this, many of us are still using it. Some do it because of the handiness of plastic items, while others don’t see an alternative or simply do not care.

Is there anything you could do to reduce plastic waste? Yes, and the solution might not be the one you expect to hear. Most people believe that the only thing they could do is to recycle trash. However, that’s not entirely true.

Today, recycling is neither new or rare. Students learn about it during their years at school, and thousands of families around the globe engage in this activity daily. Yet, the real change starts when each person decides to reduce one’s own waste of plastic.

How to do this? There are plenty of ideas. For example, last year, celebrities, politicians, businesses, and thousands of regular citizens have joined the Anti-Straw Bandwagon. The idea was to replace regular plastic straws with reusable metal ones.

Alternatively, you can replace plastic bags with an eco-bag, stop using plastic dishes, and try giving preference to reusable products.

To get started try making a 30-days pledge to use less plastic and we bet that in a month it will become a habit.

3. Choose Eco-Friendly Transport

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Without a doubt, cars and public transport have long become inevitable parts of the modern world. It is convenient and time-efficient, but have you ever given it a thought on how much harm a single person can cause to the planet by riding a car every day?

The CO2 footprint each of us leaves is enormous, but we can change this! Each of you can start walking or bicycling to college or work when possible. Also, you could cut down on travel by plane and switch to using electric transport. All of this can help reduce the carbon footprint you leave, and it can make a huge difference.

4. Buy Food Wisely

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It may not sound like too big of a problem that you throw away some of the food you buy. Still, when we think of it on a global scale, we can find out that around half of the world’s food ends up in trash cans.

The world’s population generates too much food waste for our planet to handle. Thus, we encourage everyone to start buying food wisely. Shop for only the amount of grocery products that will be consumed and not thrown away. Also, try making the right food choices like:

  • Consume meat once a week or less;
  • Opt for less packaging;
  • Choose natural and organic products;
  • Pick local produce if possible;
  • Eat seasonal products.

Fist of all, such an approach to grocery shopping will save you some money as you won’t buy food you don’t really need. Also, healthier food choices will have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

Finally, making more conscious choices, you will help save the planet.

5. Adjust the Way You Use Electricity

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Most likely, you have already heard a lot about the harm of electricity, but it is impossible to make this list of golden eco rules complete without this point.

It is recommended to opt for LED light bulbs and a smart hub to have more control over the electricity you consume at home or in the dorm.

Also, it is good if you can avoid using a climate control system or, at least, install a smart system that will prevent excessive cooling or heating.

Different energy-efficient appliances will not only help you reduce the numbers on your electricity bills but will also make a difference, however small, with regard to positive change in our environment!

6. Say No to Bottled Water

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Many people have already given their preference to reusable bottles. Indeed, with a vast amount of bottled water being purchased every day, no wonder why we have such a dramatic waste of plastic bottles.

Once again, you can change this! Drink tap water and grab your personal bottle with you everywhere to avoid buying plastic.

Apart from cutting on the use of bottles, you can also start taking shorter showers, reduce the use of water at home or in the garden, etc. All these steps will help save our planet!

Final Words

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The ecological situation on our planet has been a pressing issue in the past few years. People all around the world are discussing the problem and its consequences. Now it is high time to start making a difference!

With so many threats that can harm the environment we live in, everyone must become more conscious and willing to change habits for the common good.

With the six golden rules covered in this article, each of you can start being more eco-friendly today. It is not hard to follow these tips, but if each of us will make it a habit, we can save the planet and ensure a happy future for our descendants.