Embrace The Ostentatious: How To Treat Yourself

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Last year was pretty catastrophic for many, with daily life upended and families having to be isolated from one another for months during the global pandemic.

As a result, we all looked forward to 2024 with an abundance of anticipation, expecting this year to be much brighter than the last in all sorts of ways – cue tumultuous politics, various mutations of Covid-19, escalating conflicts and human rights abuses around the world, and stark warnings about the climate. In short, the brave positivity didn’t last long.

If, like many others, you’re beginning to feel a weary yet persistent sense of doom invading your daily mindset (and, honestly, who can blame you if that’s the case?), you might be in need of some gratuitous and, quite frankly, selfish indulgences in your life to help lift your spirits.

No, it won’t solve all of the world’s problems or enable you to single-handedly tackle them all by yourself. It probably won’t make you feel better about the overall state of the world, either. But it might just help you remain resilient and build back up the reserves we all need on a daily basis to get through the difficult times.

So, in this article, we’re going to share with you a few suggestions for the various ways that you can treat yourself for a little pick-me-up, regardless of how lavish, over-the-top, or decadent it may seem. Sometimes, a bit of self-indulgence is exactly what the doctor ordered.

1. Spa Life

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Nothing helps to relax tight shoulders and leave you feeling tingly all over like a good old spa day. Sure, it can be an amazing experience to find a spa nearby (or further afield, if you want) to enjoy some professional treatments and go outside of your mind for a bit. And, if you find a particularly posh one, you might also get the opportunity to enjoy high-quality food and drinks whilst you’re there!

For those home-bods uncomfortable with sharing germs and treatments with a bunch of strangers, however, spa life is the worst. Why on earth would anyone want a stranger touching their body?! So, if this is you, why not embrace the spa life in your very own home?

On sites such as www.Oasisleisure.com, you can invest in your own hot tub or swim spa – one that, most importantly, will not be contaminated by other bodies – so that you can enjoy a spa day whenever you feel like it (and guzzle glasses of prosecco without worrying about all the looks you’ll be earning yourself). So, why not stick on a facemask, give yourself a mani-pedi, and demand your partner massage your aching shoulders? You deserve it.

2. All the Sweet Treats

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Just before the onset of the pandemic, small start-up businesses offering decadent doughnuts and gooey brownies began to flood social media. When businesses were required to close last year for extended periods of time, many of these businesses increased their customer base tenfold, finding that their delicious deliveries were in demand to counteract the boredom and anxiety of seemingly endless lockdowns.

Ever since, there has been a veritable ‘boom’ in the delivery of sweet treats to your home, with a whole variety of companies to choose from depending on your dietary needs (hello vegan and gluten-free fun), location, and choice of treat. Most of these companies set reasonable prices for customers and handmake their foods, adding in bundles of creativity and love.

So, if you’ve had a bad day/week, why not check out one of these sweet-treat delivery brands and give yourself a bit of joy?

2. Go Bespoke

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Shopping is often lauded as one of the ways to counteract the blues. But, in this day and age, where concern for the environment is paramount and we are all aware of the impact of consumerism on the world, shopping itself often comes entwined with conflicting feelings of guilt and pleasure.

A way to compromise here is to search for local, indie brands that specialise in bespoke items of clothing. This reduces the supply chain and air miles, is more likely to be ethically produced, and reduces excessive production.

Always fancied a sparkling sequinned cape to flounce about the pubs in (or even just your home, if want to be really ‘out there’) or some perfectly fitting trousers that accentuate all your favourite parts? Then make your pick-me-up shopping experience a unique one and buy bespoke – not only will you be doing yourself some good, you’ll also be helping the fashion industry to do better, too.

3. Throw Yourself a Party

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Foolishly, we often believe that it’s necessary to have something to celebrate to throw a good old knees’ up, meaning that we miss many opportunities to act silly, dance wildly, and let our hair down. Contrary to popular opinion, though, there’s no actual rule anywhere telling us that we need a special occasion or event to boogie on down, so what’s holding everyone back?

At the end of a stressful day or week, getting glammed up and dancing along to your favourite songs with beloved friends, whilst eating and drinking excessively, could be exactly what you need to wind down. And, with it looking unlikely that pubs, clubs, and parties will go back to how they were prior to the pandemic, it’s easier than ever to organise a shindig in your home or garden.

Why shouldn’t you blow up some balloons, turn up the sound system, buy a ridiculous cake (hello Colin the Caterpillar), and throw a random party for you and your friends? Treat yourself. In such tumultuous times, it can be really difficult (and guilt-inducing) to prioritise you and your mental health.

But if you’re going to be any good to the world and help make things better, you need to be at your best, refreshed, revitalised, and determined – none of which you can achieve while your reserves are running low. Looking after yourself, not matter how selfish it may seem, will help you to help the world – because how can you be compassionate to others if you can’t be compassionate to yourself?