The World Of Entertainment Is Now on The Internet


Technology is the thing that is shaping our lives today in this 21st century, and without it, our lives would be very dull. Social media arenas such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have thrived ever since they were established.

Through this tech, people are improving these social media platforms to make them more attractive every year. Another example of this advancement in video games; they have seen a massive change as the graphics have been improved due to the presence of new consoles and Dolby audio.

Because of these new changes in the gaming industry, as a player, you have the chance to play your favorite video games on your smartphones at any time, and anywhere you want.  Technology has brought about immense changes that nobody believed would be possible.

Another fantastic example is how technology brought about the internet, where people could communicate together miles away. The harmony enterprise has not been left behind either.

We are going to look into how technology has impacted various firms in the entertainment industry below;

The technological uprising in the gaming industry


Video games have existed ever since 1972 where the first game was created, and it was known as computer space which was designed by burying Associates. Then arcade games started developing, becoming a massive issue in 1980.

Though these games had problems like buffering and poor graphics though people back then still enjoyed the games because the pictures went with their time. With the emergence of technology, arcade games are found in such as table card games and slot machine games starred getting improved.

Many countries that have legalized gambling have opted for online gaming, and countries like Finnish have live casino games that use 3d graphics and augmented reality so that you could have a land-based experience at the comfort of your home. Slot games also use RNG, also known as the random number generator technology that makes online slot games fair for all its participants.

Betting and technology – a fantastic bargain


The betting industry was not left behind when technology struck. Bookmarks started moving onto the online side as others moved to the 5G aids for faster betting techniques. With 5G, you can place your bet at any time, and it will be placed within seconds; you don’t have to wait for it to load for hours.

Another fantastic thing seen in betting firms is the presence of AI and VR systems. With the company of AI, you could watch various games as you place your bet, which is very impressive.

Social media savvy or not?


Social media has been affected in various ways, such as 3d bitmojis, AR, ASMR food reels, Instagram influencer videos, and small businesses. The universe today has switched to technology so quickly since the connectivity is faster and videos are of high quality, making people build brands this way.

Also, people get job opportunities through these platforms. Without technology, there wouldn’t be interest, and without the internet, video graphics would still be pathetic, and the entertainment industry wouldn’t be as strong as it is now.

The futuristic taste in TV and movies


Nobody knew that the media platform would end up online due to the introduction of video streaming services that made all the best space that was created by technological improvements in the field of movies and television.

Video streaming platforms such as Blockchain and Artificial intelligence backing it more to reach many people at once. The media that have had the biggest dividend grossers Is OTT, and this makes it possible because it has various technologies such as 3G, 4G and LTE.

Another extraordinary advancement that has been made in the movie industry is the presence of voice recognition in remotes like Alexa and other platforms that offer you the best customized and personal user experience.

Because of technology, you don’t have to go to the cinema to watch new upcoming movies since there are platforms that you could stream for free, and you can also download your favorite movies using these platforms.

Tech and music-the ultimate chemistry


The music industry is being primarily influenced by technology. Technology has made the music we listen to much better since it moved from stereo to Dolby digital audio networks. Music has also been more accessible than before because of Spotify, YT music and milk music that allow you to access music cheaply and easily.

These platforms also allow you to download your favorite music to create a playlist of your choice so that you can listen to your favorite music anytime. New musicians are also utilizing these platforms to make their music heard worldwide. Before technology, people had to purchase compact discs of various kinds to listen to their favorite music.

The good thing is that they were cheap, but you couldn’t go around with them; you could only listen to music at home or in your office. Today you don’t have to use the MP3 platform to download your music; all you need to do is to download an app that allows you to listen to your favorite music without having to download any music.

Software-founded technology such as computerized virtual appliances and MIDI technology have assisted musicians in making and producing their music. In contrast, at home, you don’t have to pay someone to do this for you, which saves you a lot of costs.


The Tech industry has made the entertainment industry grow so fast and in a way that you cannot imagine. Through this, the entertainment industry has begun to increase than expected.

This is because many people like using their phones and are too lazy to watch movies in cinemas, listen to music on compact discs and pay producers to do work that you can do while at home.

Even if you have a busy schedule, you are still assured that you can entertain yourself while going home. The brains behind such notable developments did something great by making life easier.