5 Reasons To Use Essential Oils for Neck Pain Relief – 2024 Guide

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Neck pain is the most common consequence of the life we’re leading today. The causes can vary from a simple “I didn’t get enough sleep” or “I worked at the computer for too long”, to serious disorders in our body.

But whether you take your neck pain lightly or not, it should always be taken into account that the pain you feel is not a disease but a symptom. As simple as it may seem to just take a pain killer and hope for the best (because finding the cause takes us time, and lifestyle changes are too difficult), remember that your body is telling you that something is wrong and that it is time for a change.

Did it ever occur to you that such painful sensations can be alleviated by essential oils? These are some of the oils that act as real natural pain killers: mint, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, thyme…

There is a growing number of scientific studies that confirm the effectiveness of essential oils in the treatment of various types of pain and inflammatory processes in the body, so they are increasingly used. It’s called aromatherapy; you must have heard about it. Here are some of the reasons why you should try it out in neck pain relief therapy.

1. As opposed to medications, there are no side effects

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Taking pills is not always the best solution for getting rid of the pain. On contrary, medications in most cases, if not all, always have side-effects on different bodily organs. You solve one problem, but you create another. We’re not saying they are bad, but why not try out the alternative solutions nature already gave us. It comes with no side-effects and will influence the cause of the problem, not just the consequence. It will relieve not only tension that caused the pain in the first place, but also add to the overall feeling of peace and relaxation.

2. It will prevent headaches

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There are few lucky people who have never felt what it means when they have a headache. Especially nowadays, when most of us spend a lot of time at the computer, don’t spend enough time in the fresh air, don’t eat healthy, balanced meals every day, don’t exercise often enough… Do we need to enumerate further? Most of us are also prone to constant worries, bigger or smaller. We take care of money, work, children, the situation in the country…

Any such mental state, in addition to neglecting our physical body, will sooner or later result in various bodily manifestations in the form of tension, pain, insomnia. One of the most common consequences of neck pain is more pain, in form of a headache. By getting a simple message with an oil such as lavender, for example, the tension in the neck area will be gone, the normal blood flow towards the head will be re-established, relieving the pain. For more neck pain relieving methods visit https://allspinesurgerycenter.com.

3. It’s a holistic approach to health

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It is known that the chemical components of essential oils have a pharmacological effect on tissues and organs, as well as the hormonal and nervous systems. Essential oils, with their scent, also affect mood and emotions – through the receptors in the nose, the information carried by the scent goes directly to the brain, and there is also a hidden pheromone effect. Also, each oil has its own energy, with which we can act on the human energy field.

Precisely because of this ability to act on several different levels simultaneously, essential oils ideally serve a holistic approach to man and his needs. A holistic approach tries to balance all aspects of personality and thus act to preserve the health of the individual.

4. Some can even penetrate the skin and reach bones

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Sometimes the reason for the neck pain lies in deterioration of vertebrae and disks. Some oils such as St. John’s wort can penetrate all the way to the bones and act as a lubricant for damaged joints. In combination with certain essential oils, they can also have more effects. For example, adding lavender will relieve pain, and stimulate the blood flow in the area.

Generally, essential oils should never be applied to the skin alone. To reduce the rate of entry, we apply essential oils to the skin diluted in vegetable oils. Vegetable oils are fatty oils, such as almond oil, olive oil, avocado oil, etc. This achieves several goals: we reduce possible skin damage that can occur due to the application of pure essential oil on it, we prevent the sudden entry of essential oil into the body (some oils contain toxic components, and due to sudden entry into the body can cause unpleasant side effects).

5. They can be used in so many ways

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Essential oils are used in different ways: inhalation, dermal, oral, vaginal and rectal… Used in baths, cosmetics, cooking…

Until ten years ago, due to the predominant English version of aromatherapy, the most common method of dermal application was aroma massage and aroma lamps, and at the very mention of other methods of application, people were suspicious.

After several years of scientifically based aromatherapy, where we were introduced to inhalations, diffusers, aroma cosmetics and oral, vaginal and rectal application more people started experiencing this alternative way of healing and were amazed by their positive results.

In neck pan relieving, it is very convenient to use multiple of application methods. A massage will take care of the pain locally, a couple of drops in diffuser will ease the tension in the whole body and make sure the sleep is firm. You’ll wake up as good as new.

These oils are a true gift of nature. They can help in so many ways. You can always carry a small bottle in the bag and when you find yourself in a stressful situation, add a couple of drops of the paper tissue, inhale from time to time. The same tissue you can use in your car, hooking it to the vent system, adding some Zen atmosphere while you drive to work.