Experience The Joy Of No Luggage San Francisco

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Have you ever explored a city with a care-free attitude, trying to adapt to their lifestyle and live every moment of the phrase ‘In Rome, Be a roman ‘? If not, then now you have an opportunity to do that. We are all the time worried about our belongings no matter where we are in this world. It may be the best and the safest continent, but the concern of taking care of our luggage shimmers in our mind perpetually. But in life, there is a solution to everything.

During a day’s halt at San Francisco, I discovered an interesting concept, which blew my mind completely. When I heard about Vertoe, it took me some time to digest the idea that allowed people to drop their belongings and experience the city. Yes, you heard it right. A popular service, which is highly preferred by everyone in America, stores luggage for a short period. Its presence is in 500+ secure locations and spread across 20+ major cities in the country. Next time you visit America, you can opt for this service without any doubt.

Even after becoming aware of this service, I had multiple questions in my mind, with regards to the affordability, security, etc. I was surprised when the prices did not turn out to be exorbitant. A minimum amount of $5.95 per day was a sigh of relief. It also copulated with the best in industry insurance of $5000. I instantly got impressed by the idea of being insured. Peace of mind is essential after dropping your baggage. The San Francisco luggage storage is now secure!

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There are instances when you have to spend a day or several hours in a country while waiting for another flight to reach your destination. Such facilities add a lot of value to your experience. Otherwise, you always have to carry your luggage with you throughout the day, loitering the streets of the city.

Coming back to the Vertoe services, they generate a unique, digitized coded tamper-proof seal, which ensures safety and convenient alternative to any conventional locker storage. All their partner sites are manually vetted, verified, and trained, to manage your belongings carefully.

The online booking process often can be a bit complex. Especially when we are new to a city, it can be confusing. Downloading an app, figuring out it’s functioning is difficult. In the case of Vertoe, no app installation or sign up is required. To make a booking, you need to visit their website, select the address, your check-in/check-out date, and time to see all nearby locations that fit your needs. If you wish to cancel, it offers free cancellation, and you will be assured of a refund.

America is famous for its security check. But still, you need not worry about this factor. You can stock most items as long as they are reliable and legal. They must also be allowed by the partner at the verified Vertoe Location.


Moreover, you can store most items as long as they are safe and legal. They must also be accepted by the partner at the respective verified Vertoe Location. As long as you want, you can store your bags from a few hours to weeks or months. The price list will help you understand the charges.

I believe in having my experience as my guide, in understanding this concept. Reading their website blogs will probably give you an idea about the structure. Being unaware of Vertoe and discovering it thoroughly in San Francisco and exploring the city without my luggage has been the highlight of my trip.

I am already looking forward to planning my next America trip. The thought of going luggage-free gives you so much freedom. You can get camouflaged in the crowd without being an obvious tourist. Randomly use the cheapest means of transport, explore other means of transportation. With the introduction of such concepts, our perspective entirely changes while traveling.

Now it’s your turn to experience Vertoe and tell your story. So all you need to do is find and book a Vertoe as soon as you reach America. Store your items and enjoy the city hassle-free. In the process, you might discover something else that I did not notice. It could be a good one or a bad one, and it does not matter as long as you can travel with freedom from your pieces of baggage.