Should You Start Dating Via Apps?

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The time of going to the bar and hoping to meet someone is pretty much gone. With the fast lifestyles and busy days, we rarely have time to date. It’s hard to meet someone when you work 60 hours per week and the rest of the time you want to catch up with friends and family. Luckily, the internet age allows us to enter a new dating stage.

With dating apps, you can meet and get to know someone not just because of their looks.

Why use Dating Apps?

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There is a difference between online dating and dating apps. With the apps, you have some idea about the person on the other side before you contact them. It is safer than online dating and chances are, you will meet someone who is looking for the same thing you are. Since pretty much everyone is online these days, no matter if you are looking for a hookup, a short fling or a serious relationship, chances are you, can find a partner if you have a bit of patience. keeps a list of trendy dating sites for 2024 that you could help you find love.

Dating Apps advantages

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  • They take less effort than online dating – with the dating apps you won’t have to spend hours and hours looking for someone to match with and not be sure about them;
  • It’s easy to start a conversation – just by using the same app you have a lot of questions to ask the other person, “what are you looking for on this app?” is a great way to see if you are on the same page;
  • Apps are easy to use – you don’t need any technical knowledge to be able to use a dating app. Just sign up, choose a picture and other preferences. That’s it!
  • You can find someone nearby – with online dating you risk meeting the love of your life who lives on another continent. Most dating apps are location-based and you can see where the other person is and you can date someone nearby;
  • Less rejection – if someone does not like you, you will never know. With the new apps you won’t know if someone is not interested in you and vice versa if you choose not to match with someone, they will not be notified;
  • You can go on more dates – with the apps you can go on as many or as little dates as you want. If you are spontaneous you can jump in the dating waters right away and see if you like someone in real life as much as you like them when you talk using the app;
  • You can have fun and date at the same time – if you are using your phone all the time, but are tired of the same dating apps, you can choose to date and play a fun game at the same time. According to, you are more likely to find someone you really click with if you have the same interests;
  • You can limit who you’re interacting with – by adding your interests and preferences you choose who you interact with. For example, if you are an outdoorsy type of people, you can choose not to match with people who prefer to stay in;
  • You can be honest about who you are – with the dating apps you don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not. You can be honest about your preferences, sexual interests or even kinks. No matter who you are and what you like, you will find a like-minded person.

What you should pay attention to

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Whatever you do online has some risks to it and you have to be careful about who you choose to go out with. At the same time, if you want the other person to be interested in you, there are some big no-no’s when creating your dating profile. There are some things you need to pay attention to and here are the most important ones:

Choose the right profile picture – your pictures say it all. That is one of the few things your potential partners will judge you on. The photos say it all, so you want to choose a flattering photo that shows off your personality and tells a story about you. In case you don’t get the response you want, change the picture and choose a different one.

Be careful – not everyone who is on the internet is with the right intentions. There are a lot of online predators and you need to be careful about who you choose to date. Always pick a well-lighted public place for the first few dates. Make sure enough people know who you’re going out with and if the other person is picking you up, write down their license plate number and send it to someone you trust.

Insist on a phone call – before you meet up with someone insist on a phone call or a voice call. That way you will know if they are trying to catfish you and by the sound of your voice, you can notice their intentions. Always trust your gut-feeling. If someone does not seem totally honest, chances are, you are right.

Make sure others know what you are looking for – when setting up your profile and when you start talking to people, make sure you show them and tell them you are looking for love, serious relationship and maybe more. Dating apps can be used for a lot of things and if you are not looking for a one-night stand or a casual fling make sure to have that written down in your profile.

Most of the apps are free to download and use, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money when you are looking for a date. There are premium accounts on most apps that allow you to use extra features, but even if you don’t have the premium account, you will have everything to need to find a date.

Love does not come easy, so you have to be patient and learn from your mistakes. It’s not likely to find the right one on the first try. Be yourself, be kind and positive. Don’t change your personality just to fit in the box the other one wants you to fit in. Always be careful and take all the precautions necessary until you trust the other person. Give dating apps a try and remember to have fun and enjoy your time. Even if it doesn’t work, what do you have to lose?