Eyelash Extension: Positives and Negatives 

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In recent years, eyelash extensions became very popular. Today, you can choose from various techniques that can make your extensions look like they are your own. However, like with any procedure you can imagine, there are positive and negative sides of them. It is a good thing to inform yourself before you decide to undergo this procedure. We are going to present you with good and bad sides to this procedure, and we hope that it will influence your future decision.  

Positive Sides 

In this section, we are going to present you with the positive things about eyelash extensions. 

Looks Natural 

You need to be careful when choosing a technician who will do the eyelash extension for you, and the quality of lashes. If you choose carefully, you can expect to have a natural looking one. You should know that you will wear them every day, and if the process isn`t done properly, that can be a problem. Nobody wants to look bad without the possibility to change it. For a certain amount of time at least.  

Looks Good 24/7 

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If you decide to get eyelash extensions, you can be sure that they will look good on you always. It doesn`t matter if you are wearing any makeup or not. This is helpful for those who are used to waking up several hours before work or school just to put proper makeup on. 

Saves You Time 

This one is connected to the previous one. After talking to numerous users of the eyelash extensions, all of them said that they are saving the time you would spend in the morning putting on makeup. Many of the eyelashes will provide you with the proper look, so you don`t need to put any concealer or mascara on your face.  

Negative Sides 

Now, we will talk about the disadvantages of extending your eyelashes. 

The Process is Long 

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The process of applying eyelash extension is very long. It can last up to three hours. Just try to have your eyes shut for that long. Or for that matter, try not touching your phone for that time. Some of the girls that choose to go with the procedure are deciding to have some kind of a Zen moment for those three hours. 

They Are Costly 

The procedure is not a cheap one. The range of prices can be from $250 to $450. The price depends on a technician, glue, and the lash material. Also, it is important to maintain them once in some period of time. We will talk about that further in the article. 

Allergic Reactions 

You should be careful if you decide to undergo this procedure. If your eyes are tearing, or if you have some kind of irritation during the procedure, there is a high possibility of you having some kind of allergic reaction to the glue. 

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Probably the most important category in negative sides segment is maintenance. You need to know some things about it before you undergo the procedure. 

  • Removing them on your own is not an option. If you do that, there is a high risk of you damaging your natural eyelashes. For this, you should go to the technician.  
  • You should constantly re-arrange and brush them with a mini brush, and use other products that used for repairing and maintaining them. 
  • Going to your technician for maintaining every two or three weeks is a must. 
  • When it comes to the makeup remover products, you should be careful when you are choosing them. Naturally, you should use only ones that are compatible with eyelash extensions. Other product could loosen the glue, and that can be a problem for you.