The intricacies of conch piercing  

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Ear-piercing has become very popular over the years, and many people practice it. However, what happens when you are out of space on your ears, what is next? Well, we would advise you to try conch piercing.  

What is it? 

In essence, this represents when you pierce the middle part of the ear. It should be also noted that this part has the biggest ear cartilage. We should also mention that there are various areas that could be pierced, for example, the inside or the outside of it, furthermore, the upper of the lower part, all these areas of conch can be pierced.  

Piercing itself 

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Before doing it, it is needed to obtain everything you needed in order to have proper treatment and care after the application of conch piercing. It is important to be aware of the hygiene and safety of the person who is going to pierce your ears and hygiene of his equipment. After that, you would need to decide upon the conch area that you would like to pierce. In order to prevent infections, disinfectant is applied before the procedure. When this is done, the part of the conch that is going to be pierced is marked by using a pen or a marker. In this way, the piercing would be as precise as possible. We should mention that the procedure does not last longer than a couple of minutes and then it is quickly done after the insertion of the needle and application of wanted jewelry. 

What after? 

When you are done, please make sure that you know everything regarding the post-piercing care of the pierced part for that you would prevent infections and similar. You may get verbal or written instructions about what to do. There are cases when dizziness is felt after conch piercing but this is due to affecting the nerves during the process. Believe it or not plain sea salt is one of the best ways to treat the conch after the piercing is done. You just need to leave it in hot water for a while, then use cotton or cloth and rub it on the needed area. Furthermore, there are various sprays for this and they both help to make the area clean and heal better but also to ease the pain a bit. Also, it is very important to avoid bathing in public pools for at least two weeks in order to avoid infections and bacteria. Also, hands need to be clean when touching your ears, so wash them as much as you can.   


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There are various factors that affect how much the conch piercing would hurt. First of all, it is up to the method applied during conch piercing. So, a usual needle would not create bigger pain than like regular piercing, however, if a bigger hole is needed and wanted, then, naturally, it would hurt more. However, it is often advised to avoid big holes in ears and it is often advised to people to reconsider the application of dermal punch since it hurts less and holes are smaller. However, there are indications that this is also a very painful method. One important thing, before even thinking of having dermal punch be sure that you will not regret it since that part of the ear cannot be returned back.  


The price is not a uniform one and it is dependent on many various factors. First of all, the price depends on the place where you do it, if it is a bigger or a smaller city and if it is bigger saloon or a small one. The prices usually vary from 40USD to 90USD. Also, people with bigger experienced and tradition in the industry would charge their piercing services more than the novices. The best advice here is not to choose the cheapest one but the one with the best reputation, regardless of the price.   


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Healing of conch piercing depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on the area that has been pierced as well as on the hole that has been made. In essence, the healing process may last from six months to even a year.