Find a broker for your dream house in 10 steps

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What is the perfect broker for you? That is something to think about for a moment. After all, one broker fits you better than the other. The reason why you need to pay attention to your broker is that buying a house is emotionally and financially exhausting. You are facing a major step in your life and you also want someone next to you who understands who you are and what you want. With these 10 steps you are already well on your way.

  1. Talk to several brokers before you go into business with that one. It is simple: shopping pays off. Start your search now.
  2. You can see if he or she is active on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or another platform. Does it appeal to you what you read and see? Then there is a good chance that you will also have a click in real life.
  3. For some, it is important that, for example, the broker also has time for them in the evening and the weekend. Then it is wise to check the office or opening times on the website.

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  4. Compare quotes. Which broker has the most to offer you? Who is the most transparent?
  5. Ask acquaintances around you if they can recommend their broker.
  6. Search your account for real estate agent in your desired location. In addition to all data, you will also find customer reviews, recent activities, transactions from the last 12 months and the current home supply.
  7. Do a comparative commodity study. On BlissImobiliare, brokers are assessed by means of a score and you can read the experiences of other customers, who have already completed the entire process from order to purchase. Brokers are judged on enthusiasm, speed of action, compliance with agreements, creativity and market knowledge.
  8. The way in which communication is made is, of course, important, but also look at the channels. For example, does your broker also use WhatsApp? And do you like that, if you can quickly communicate with him via the app, or do you prefer to keep calling and emailing?

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  9. If your path crosses that of a cheap broker, first check what that attractive price has to offer you. If he works independently, you cannot appeal to a disputes committee in the event of a conflict and you have to fight the disagreement in court. You can prevent this by choosing a broker who is affiliated.
  10. Your intuition can also play along. In fact: listen carefully to your feelings. Do you feel that a real estate agent really empathizes with your (upcoming) house and there is a click, then you are probably at the right place?

Search for a house yourself

The most important advantages of finding a home yourself are the financial benefit and the fact that you keep everything in your own hands. When you start searching yourself, you realize that the offer on the house search sites is a few days older than the offer that the broker sees.

Nowadays, searching for a house is a lot easier. There are a number of websites that cover almost the entire range.