The Top 3 Reasons to Become a Real Estate Agent in New York

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Real estate is the career that launched a thousand fortunes. There’s no shortage of millionaires who attribute their wealth to real estate, and even if you’re skeptical of the rhetoric many push about real estate, it’s still a smart, well-paid career for any passionate individual who wants to work for themselves.

There are many reasons people get into real estate. It’s affordable and convenient to take the 75 hour real estate course in NY, you get to be your own boss, and the earning potential is high. Take a look at some of the top reasons people choose to become real estate agents in NY and across the United States.

1. A Passion for Real Estate

If you’ve ever caught yourself browsing through listings for apartments or houses, salivated over a perfectly staged, exposed-brick loft, or you instinctively know whether those bathroom fixtures work in that house, you’d probably make an excellent real estate agent.

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Successful real estate agents combine a desire to help people find the right apartment or buy the right home with a depth of knowledge about real estate. They intimately understand the real estate market and the details about the property. They know everything there is to know about the neighborhood and they’re happy to share. If you’re the type of person to learn everything there is to know about what you’re working with, you will excel at real estate.

2. The Money

The average salary of a real estate agent in New York state is $53,000 a year, one of the highest salaries you can earn in the state without a college degree. That’s on on-par with market research analysts, recruiters, make-up artists, and better than digital marketing specialists, public relations specialists, interior design, and sales reps.

With more experience comes higher salaries too. The average top end salary is nearly $100,000 a year. That’s because real estate agents work for themselves. They can apply their experience, skills, and professional networks directly to benefiting their own income. Real estate agents in New York don’t have to wait around for their boss to give them a raise. When they earn more, they keep it from the start.

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3. Low Barrier to Entry

Look no further to find out how to become a real estate agent in NY fast. You can start by signing up for the 75 hour real estate license course in NY. Take it either in-person or online. Online courses from real estate license schools are great ways to complete the courses for a low fee.

Costs can range from around $99 to $200, typically on the lower end online. Compared to a college degree, the return on investment from earning your real estate license is enormous. Becoming a real estate agent can be much more profitable, even if it takes some time to get started finding clients and earning money.

If these factors sound appealing to you, take the 75 hour real estate course in NY and get started today.