How augmented reality can help with education

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It’s 2019 and we are already achieving some pretty impressive things as a human race. There is no doubt that technology really came a long way, and in the next few years, experts believe that the world will see a massive change in the way things work, due to the influence of robots, smart devices and other AI-powered gadgets.

A few years back, we were introduced with AR or Augmented Reality. I can’t deny that it was absolutely breathtaking when we first experienced it, but the thing is, the augmented reality technology will advance a lot in the next decade.

Analysts and experts in technology and innovations believe that augmented reality will start seeing much wider use in almost all important branches such as medicine, sports and even education. Today, we are going to focus on the education part.

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How can augmented reality help with education?

There is no denying that back in our school days, we were able to understand something more clearly if the professor presented us an example or a presentation for the subject, something visual that we can see with our eyes, instead of just hearing a bunch of words. Well, imagine how easier learning will be in the next few years when augmented reality gets fully developed. If you are keen on learning more about this topic, you can check out Catchar.

Is augmented reality a more efficient way of learning?

It is proven that people who can visually see the subject they are learning about, will remember it much better, while also fully understanding how it works and functions. Augmented Reality can help a lot in this case, and it can also be beneficial to replace some expensive and unaffordable equipment for the schools and academies. With one Augmented Reality kit, you are able to demonstrate and present content from many different subjects, and therefore save money. If you bought every single piece of equipment from physics, chemistry and overall science class, you would end up spending a lot more, so it is believed that AR will be popular because of this reason as well.

Our newer generations will sooner or later get tired and bored of reading books, and that might sound sad and disappointing, but it is the harsh truth. Which means, we need to find new and more interactive, potentially more efficient, ways to educate them. It is believed that by setting up augmented reality classrooms, the students of the new generations will have more motivation to learn about new things.


The future is coming, and there is no reason to deny technology and stick to the old ways of learning. A child that grew up with smartphones all around him will not feel any attraction to read books. Instead, they will prefer a way that is more “natural” to their environment, and that their augmented reality will save the day. It may be harder for some of the older generation teachers to adapt to this way of teaching and interaction, but in the long run, it is much better for everyone to let technology serve us the way it should.