Five Vacation Ideas for Animal Lovers

There’s a lot you can do on vacation. You can relax on a beach or catch a show, but the very best vacations are the ones that match your interests. If you have a love of animals, that means finding things to do that enable you to get up close and personal with furry, scaly, and slimy critters.

You’ve got quite a few options if you want to explore the animal kingdom when you’re on vacation! Here are just a few ideas that will take you all around the world.


If ocean life interests you more than two-and four-legged land animals, you definitely have to plan a trip to SeaWorld. There are many parks to choose from, but one of the best is SeaWorld San Antonio.

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According to Vacations Made Easy, it’s not just rides and interactive exhibits that you’ll enjoy at SeaWorld San Antonio. “Animal lovers everywhere will love the backstage tours that provide unbelievable up close and personal interaction with some of the most amazing creatures of the sea. Feed an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, reach out and touch a penguin, or make friends with a sea lion.”

Whether you choose to visit SeaWorld San Antonio or another SeaWorld location, you’ll enjoy unique exhibits, one-of-a-kind rides, and entertaining shows.

The Zoo

Your main destination may not include animals, and that’s okay! Chances are, you’re traveling with other family members that are interested in other things, like visiting museums, relaxing at spas, and going swimming. Fortunately, zoos are a popular way to get close to animals, which means they can be found just about anywhere!

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However, if you want to skip the small local zoo, consider one of these unforgettable zoos when you’re planning your next vacation:

  • The San Diego Zoo is home to more than 3,700 animals on nearly 100 acres.
  • The Bronx Zoo is the world’s largest metropolitan zoo with over 265 massive acres to explore.
  • The Melbourne Zoo features 5,120 animals and is a must-visit if you love animal species from down under.
  • The Zoo Berlin dates all the way back to 1844, and with over 20,500 animals, it houses the most comprehensive collection of wildlife in the world.

Take a Safari

If you’re looking for a true animal adventure, it doesn’t get any better than a safari. You’ll find your chance to get upclose and personal with real wildlife in Africa, but that doesn’t mean all safaris are created equal.

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Planning an African safari starts with thinking about what kind of safari you want to experience. For example, you can plan safaris with stops at wineries and major cities, like Cape Town, or stay in a rustic cabin while you go on a multiple-day adventure, spotting wildlife as you go. You also have the option of a taking a hunting trip. There are safaris where you’ll spot lions, wildebeest, elephants, and more.

Go Dog Sledding

You’ve probably heard of walking tours, train tours, and tram tours, but have you ever heard of a dog sledding tour? They do exist, and they can be a great way to get closer to animals, if you prefer the more domesticated kind. They’re also a great option for people who prefer cooler temperatures to sweltering heat.

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You’ve got more than one choice when it comes to dog sledding tours too! There are surprisingly many dog sledding tours to choose from that include:

  • Greenland tours are guided by Inuit hunters, and you can even stay overnight in hunting huts.
  • Sweden tours follow the King’s trail, stopping in cabins and soaking in wood-fired saunas along the way.
  • Ely, Minnesota is a popular place for dog sledding, and they’re listed as one of the best because they specialize in working with beginners.

Sleep in the Jungle

If you want to spend more time relaxing among wildlife and less time walking and riding, consider an overnight stay in the jungle.

There are many hotels across the world that are located smack dab in the middle of the rainforest. You can find lodges on the forest floor, as well as accommodations in the tops of the trees. You can relax in a hammock or soak in an outdoor spa while you watch monkeys swing through the branches and birds flit by.

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Whether you are planning your vacation with animals in mind or you want to get a little closer to the animal kingdom on a vacation you have already planned, the ideas on this list are sure to provide you with just the experience you’re looking for.