Flashforex Trading Tools – 5 Types Of CFD

Flashforex is a reliable company, a broker that has been in existence since 2004. The company’s jurisdiction includes Kingstown, the Grenadines, and St. Vincent. Freshforex can be praised by more than 20 world-class awards.

Let’s look at some of the broker’s achievements, for example, “the best trading conditions according to fx daily info” in 2016. Another worthy award is the “best bonus program” in 2017.

The company’s advantages are:

  • profitable trading conditions
  • cooperation with liquidity providers that have European approval
  • over 130 trading instruments
  • the function of prompt replenishment and withdrawal of funds
  • spreads from 0 pips
  • loyal working conditions for a broker, regardless of devices (computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone)
  • operation of promotions and bonuses.

Flashforex is a typical forex broker that has a typical set of tools for trading on stock exchanges. The broker is suitable for beginners as well as for traders with more experience. The main trading instruments in Forex are currency pairs.

It is equal to the ratio of the two currencies. Any action with a cotton pair describes the case when a trader acquires one of the currencies of the pair by trading another pair. The currency that was sold first is called the base currency, it will be the first in its pair. The currency that is for sale, respectively, takes second place in the pair.

Source: daytradingz.com

Let’s say the currency pair is euros USD, the euro is the base currency, and the dollar is the estimated one. The value of this currency pair expresses the number of dollars that can be purchased for 1 euro. Thus, the trader buys the euro by selling the dollar. Setting the income, he does the opposite – he buys the dollar for the euro.

Currency pairs have some characteristics:

  • certainty of quotes (number of digits after “, “)
  • type and size of the spread
  • contract volume, swap
  • currency of the difference between price and cost
  • leverage between broker and investor.

In forex, in addition to currency pairs, there is also CFD for trading. This is a special type of trading instrument, which are transactions for the target margin. Cfd is the derivative of the initial asset. It can be found as precious metals, stocks, and energy carriers (minerals). The mission is to successfully predict the dynamics of the asset value.

What types of CFD are there?

So, let’s get acquainted with its categories.

Source: hedgethink.com
  1. CFD on exchange indicators (among them are dow jones, PTC, and FTSE). The state of movement depends on the dynamics of the stock market, the risk here is minimal.
  2. CFD on precious metals like palladium, platinum, silver, and of course gold. The most traded and underlying asset is gold, its dynamics are well observed.
  3. CFD on shares of popular issuers – directions of the stock exchange. There is little risk here.
  4. CFD on minerals like oil and gas. Main brands: WTI, brent. Especially have a risk for currency pairs like the Canadian dollar and the ruble.
  5. CFD for virtual currency (crypto). High volatility of dynamics, creates great risks, but also maximum income.

Many traders choose schemes with favorable liquidity and high dynamics of price movement. This gives you the opportunity to make a good profit. The right instrument you have chosen must fully comply with your trading strategy and acceptable risk.