4 Tips for Preventing and Treating Blood Clots

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Health should be our number one priority because it can degrade or go in a matter of days. This is something that many of us have a difficult time accepting, which is the main reason we all care a lot less about our health than we should.

There are specific situations where people can’t afford to take good care of their health when they eat what you get when they drink what you have when they can’t afford anything better for a day or two, but there is no excuse for those that are a lot more fortunate and don’t have to worry about those things. The lack of exercise, the life choices and food choices we make need to be better so our health is better, or so it can get better.

As you can see the topic of the day is blood clots and today, we will talk about them, tell you what they are and how you can prevent them from happening to you. there is medication, like Xarelto 20mg cost, there is exercise, there are healthier diets and numerous other things you can do to help yourself today, and avoid blood clots that can easily be the end of you. stick with us and learn something new today.

When it comes to blood clots, they consist of DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis which are usually clots found in your legs and PE or Pulmonary Embolism which are clots found in your lungs. Due to your job, general body strain or other health issues these can form at any time.

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Blood clots found in the legs can easily form in the shallow or deep veins but there is good news and it’s the fact that DVTs are preventable and treatable if discovered early. PE clots are those that travel to the lungs from another location in your body, usually from the legs. If the PE clot is small, usually with treatment people recover from these but a PE clot is a serious life-threatening complication that can be fatal in most cases.

All patients that are in the hospital are at risk of developing blood clots but they can be prevented when patients and healthcare providers work together. In the case of blood clots, there is only one thing that is the key and it is prevention. Based on risk factors your doctor will tell you what to do before and after the surgery to prevent blood clots.

Depending on your situation and your medical history you will get a set of rules to treat and prevent blood clots. There is a general and don’t list when it comes to these and it states:


Activity is a must

Walking is a huge part of the prevention of blood clots and you can do this while you are at a hospital or home. Walking is a thing that will help your blood circulate a lot better and won’t allow it to sit still for long enough periods to clot. Those of us that aren’t having any issues but would like to prevent blood clots can also walk several times a day just to get that blood circulating. People with jobs that require them to sit for extended periods need to stand up and make a few steps now and then just to help the prevention of this. If you can’t walk that there is a series of easy leg exercises that will help circulation and prevention of blood clotting.

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Drinking a lot of water is good for our organisms for multiple reasons. Our body consists of 2/3 of water and we need to ingest about a litter and a half of this each day to help our organism function normally. Water is good for hydration and it will prevent blood clotting that happens if you are dehydrated. We all heard that water is good for the stomach and skin but water is the number one thing that makes our bodies function as intended and we often forget that. So make sure you drink plenty of water during the day, increase it in the summertime if needed and you will help prevention of blood clots.

Lose weight

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Overweight people are in seriously far more danger of getting a blood clot than those that aren’t overweight. All of the doctors will first suggest that you work on your weight to better the general condition of your health, and by doing so you will better your coronary system and avoid blood clotting and issues that can stem from that. Losing a couple of pounds monthly will make you feel a lot better and will improve your general health state, plus you will help yourself for a long time by preventing things like this and similar ones that come with too much weight.

Special socks

You have all heard about special socks that can help your blood flow and these are true. Some socks are worn daily which can make your circulation a lot better and doctors in hospitals use something similar to this only these aren’t socks they are machines called sequential compression devices that are placed on your lover’s legs and that are massaging your legs to better your circulations.


No sitting for extended periods

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People who sit a lot or don’t move a lot will develop blood clots. This is why moving, walking, and jogging, whenever you are able,  are highly important. If you have a job that is tied to a chair, stand up every two to three hours and stretch your legs and back by making a couple of steps up and down.

Reduce alcohol

Alcohol is the thing that feels good but is only temporary. It will make you dehydrated and it will help clot your blood. Make sure you drink less alcohol and more water daily.

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No smoking

Smoking is generally bad for your health. It cloths your veins and arteries, and lungs and creates all kinds of different issues. To have a healthy coronary system you need to lay off the cigarettes and introduce something more natural and healthier in your organism.