How To Fly Internationally With Your Pets

Most people presume that traveling with family and pets is highly challenging. If not extremely difficult, there is the cost implication to consider. Most also assume that leaving your pets with a pet sitter or a doggy boarding and the children with the grandparents is cheap.

While there are a few things to consider while traveling internationally, it is best to find an immigration lawyer to speak to, research everything, get all the documentation in order, and only then start the travel prep.

With all the changes that the world has seen due to the coronavirus pandemic, most families are incredibly wary about leaving their kids and four-legged friends with others. It is more prudent to stay together and travel as a family rather than leave anyone behind.

Let us look at a few tips to help you fly internationally with your pets.

Journey Prep


Planning the journey is essential when you’re traveling out of the country. Making correct plans, getting the entire documentation ready from experts, and booking the right flight tickets and stays will help save you, the family, and your pet a world of trouble.

Before taking your children and pets on flights for international travel, it is best to get them used to staying away from home (long walks, road trips to new places, meeting new people).

Getting your pet highly comfortable in their crate or pet carrier is also compulsory. Treat-based rewards and physical affection can help with carrier training. It is best to condition children and pets together to offer each other emotional support and love.

Research Flights and Stays

Many hotels do not allow pets. However, opting for a home-stay or a holiday rental option is better since most allow pets. Holiday rentals are private, offer more space, are economical, and will afford you and your spouse some much-needed time together once the kids are put to bed. Pets will also get more room to roam and will be more comfortable in a situation that closely resembles your home.

Booking flights that have easy options for pets is mandatory. Before making the flight booking, you should also research all the necessary vaccines for your pet, the crate requirements, and terminal transit restrictions. When flying with kids and pets, it is best to book direct flights to avoid the stress of layovers.

Prepare the Pet Carrier


It is essential to prepare the crate for your pet. Lining it with absorbent cloth or bedding and ensuring space for your pet to sit, stand, and turn around are necessary for their comfort.

Some pet carriers also have small openings for water and feeding bowls. If this is the case, it is best to freeze some water in a bowl and place it inside just before boarding. Doing this will ensure it unfreezes slowly and your pet has adequate fresh water for the trip. You should also attach a tiny bag of dry food to the carrier and ensure you visit and sit with your pet during travel.

The take-off and landing can get scary, and your pets will need you for their comfort and sense of safety. You should keep their comfort toy with them for familiarity. It is also mandatory to attach your pet identification, address, itinerary, emergency phone numbers, and your pet’s name to the carrier.

Schedule a Pre-trip Vet Visit

It is necessary to check the vaccines, certifications, and immunizations needed for your pet before traveling to another country. Many foreign countries have different pet rules and regulations, which must be followed. Some countries may also require rabies tests, complete blood work reports, flea and tick prevention shots, and more.

It is best to research the rules and regulations for pets in the country you are visiting before finalizing your reservations and tickets. You should also inquire about the additional medications that your pet may need. Your vet should be able to guide you with all these shots, pills, documents, and paperwork.

Plan for Emergencies


In case of a mishap, it is necessary to prepare for pet emergencies like vet phone numbers, pet feeding and care instructions, stay and contact details, and accessibility phone numbers. It is also a good idea to get pet insurance and a GPS tracker attached to your pet’s collar. Keeping your pet healthy and comfortable will ensure your family has a beautiful international trip together.

Estimate Overall Costs

Flying internationally, no matter if you’re alone or with family and friends, is already expensive. You may not believe it, but it will actually be a lot more costly if we take pets into account.

This being stated, it’s just right that you include the task of estimating the possible overall costs way before your goal. Doing so will ensure that the process will go smoothly as soon as you start the formal preparations.

For an overview, the things that you need to consider in your calculations include flight costs, carrier and/or cargo fees, the expenses for check-up sessions, and likes.

Book A Visit to the Vet Upon Arrival


Your responsibility as a fur parent doesn’t end just because you successfully flew your pet to your specific destination. Post-arrival, you still need to consider booking a visit to a local vet there to ensure that your pet didn’t go through any kind of health issues while flying.

This is most especially important if your flight is over five hours because of the prolonged exposure in a new environment. Not to mention, they may also interact with other animals during the trip, which is why it’s much better to be sure.


Going through in-depth research about the whole process of flying with your pet is important since this is tied with several laws and general matters. Because of this, we highly recommend consulting with immigration lawyers and legal professionals before you prepare everything that’s needed in ensuring your pets’ inclusivity.

If you want recommendations, we highly suggest reaching out to They specialize in all matters regarding immigration, so you will surely find the assistance that you’re looking for in them.

Nevertheless, considering that you are fully acquainted with what you and your pet are getting into, then you can rest assured that flying with your fur baby is possible and, much more, fun.