Great Journeys You Can Make Yourself

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Travel is an exciting aspect of life for many people, exploring new locations, settling down in places the complete opposite to home and feeling like you’re on top of the world while standing in some extraordinary scenic destinations. There are many different types of travel that you can embark on in your life, weekend city trips, countryside camping breaks, long-distance explorations and even a day trip here and there.

Whether you are searching for travel inspiration or simply interested in the great journeys made in the past, check out this list of wondrous journeys you can follow in the footsteps of;

Around the World

One of the greatest travel tales of all time, Around the World in 80 Days tells the story of Phileas Fogg, who managed to circumnavigate around the late-victorian world in a period of less than three months. All for the sake of a gentleman’s wager. While Mr Fogg and his travelling companions were restricted to travel by rail, steamer and elephant, you can make the journey yourself by any means of transport, air, rail, boat, the choice is yours!

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If you wanted to follow the route Phileas did in the novel, start from London, head to Paris, Turin and Brindisi. From Brindisi to Suez, Aden, Bombay, through to Allahabad and Calcutta.From Calcutta to Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Yokohama and San Francisco. Finally the homestretch sees travel from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, Medicine Bow, Omaha, Chicago, New York City to Queenstown, Dublin, Liverpool and finally back to the bustling city of London. Now that’s a trip!

Spiritual Travels

There are plenty of famous journeys across all of the major world’s religions, from the trek of the Three Wise Men to the birthplace of Christ to the Hajj 2019 pilgrimage(more information can be found on expected of all able-bodied Muslims following in the footsteps of the Prophet. While some of these areas are restricted to those practicing the religion, if you consider yourself a spiritual, well-versed individual, respectful, in admiration or involved with religion, these journeys are sure to offer you not only exciting exploration but a deeper connection with your belief.

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Charles Darwin

While a five year sea voyage is not likely going to be at the top of many a person’s travel list, the journey undertaken by Charles Darwin on the HMS Beagle is one that is well documented. Charles spent his years of exploration around the South American coastline filling in countless notebooks with natural observations, sketches and retellings of all the animals, plants and geology he came across on his way. He also collected thousands of samples and specimens that he had crated and shipped back home for a more detailed study, all of which were extremely useful in our pursuit of knowledge regarding the natural world.

If you too wanted to tread in the footsteps of the great Darwin, his route went as follows;

England to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands to Salvador, before heading to Rio de Janeiro and Punta Alta. In December, they arrived in Tierra del Fuego before travelling to the Falkland Islands, Rio Negro, the Strait of Magellan and Chilo, where Darwin wrote about witnessing a volcalnic eruption. After Chilo, they departed to Valdivia, Valparaiso, the beautiful Galápagos Islands, Sydney, the Keeling Islands, Mauritius and finally the Cape of Good Hope and Bahia before returning to Falmouth, England.

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Why settle for a city break on your next exciting journey when you could follow in the incredible footsteps of those who may have been the first to see the hidden wonders of these exotic and far-reaching destinations. It doesn’t have to be about seeing it all at once but instead incorporating plenty of slow-paced exploration and enjoyment of the sites as you come across them, rather than racing from one place to the next. So get out there and discover your own journey and don’t forget to record your trip! You never know what strangers may choose to follow your path someday.