It Cloud Computing – Everything that you need to know

Cloud Computing is one of the most requested things in the corporate world, but surprisingly, not many people know about it yet. Luckily, we’ve decided to put together this article with a lot of useful information, so if you want to learn some more on this subject, feel free to continue reading until the end. Here’s what you need to know.

Basically, IT Cloud Computing is the delivery of certain computing services, which in most cases include servers, storage, databases, analytics, networking, intelligence and software, all through the Internet. Companies use these elements that we just mentioned, and utilize them in order to offer better innovations, expand and grow easier and much more.

By utilizing these things, companies are able to reduce all of their operating costs, run their infrastructures much more efficiently and scale the businesses whenever they need. Basically, it is extremely useful if done correctly, and it serves as a catalyst for business growth.

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According to Infiniwiz, cloud computing is known to provide some of the following benefits:

  • Eliminating the cost of buying hardware, software and setting up entire running on-site datacenters. It completely eliminates the servers, the racks for them, the tons of electricity needed in order to power them and cool them at the same time, and the IT experts which need to maintain all of these things. When you really calculate it, the costs are huge, but luckily, Cloud Computing is able to reduce them drastically.
  • Increasing the speed with just a few clicks, which gives businesses tons of flexibility and taking pressure off their shoulders, making the employees more free to focus on what they should really be doing.
  • It really increases productivity by a lot, simply because on-site datacenters require tons of racking and tons of other activities that need to be done around, while IT Cloud Computing requires none. IT teams can spend their time doing something that’s far more important.
  • Last but not least, security. In the corporate world, security is something that’s extremely valuable, especially in these days when hacker-attacks are really high in count, and they keep rising even more. Most cloud providers will offers at least few kinds of internet and cyber security, making your data and apps safe from any potential threats that might be lurking.

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IT Cloud Computing is not that old, and the oldest cloud computing service is probably not more than a decade. However, tons of companies and corporations are already embracing the technology for tons of different reasons. If you happen to be a business-owner, feel free to consider using cloud computing services, simply because they will make your entire team be twice as productive, and you will be able to focus on expanding and conquering new markets much faster and easier. The cost for cloud computing services is not even considered “high” compared to all the benefits that you could be enjoying from using one, so if you are still without one, definitely think about it.