Has dating really become so difficult?

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I’ve been hearing about how dating has become so hard a lot lately. It looks like people are less and less interested in committing and are getting more interested in short-term relationships that don’t come with a lot of obligations. We’re generally blaming technology and dating apps that open up so many choices for us. Never before have we had so many choices as we do now. It’s so easy to go online and find someone who looks interesting. Maybe our standards changed, maybe we’re just eager to make dating as easy as possible, but by making it so easy, do we also value it less?

People don’t like choices. As much as we love to think that having a lot of things to choose from is good for us, it’s actually not. By opting for one thing in a sea of choices, we’re more likely to regret our decision and spent too much time wondering whether we would be better of had we chosen a different option. No more being swept off our feet, now we’re just swiping right.

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Seeing someone and thinking “they are all right, but I could do better” is probably what got us into this mess. How long can you keep swiping left? How many amazing opportunities have we missed by not giving it a shot? By thinking “there is always something better out there waiting for me?”

However, there is a reason online dating has become so popular.

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  • First of all, it’s so easy to get started. If you don’t have the courage to approach someone on the street or in the club, online dating can save you. You can take your time and think carefully about what you’re going to write in order to present yourself in the best way possible. This can also help you get back to dating after a difficult breakup.
  • There is no rush, you can work at your own pace. You can simply talk to someone for as long as you want to before you’re ready to meet them or decide they aren’t quite what you were looking for.
  • You get to be picky. Even though the plethora of choices can drive us crazy, if you’re reasonable and have a goal in your mind, online dating and the abundance of choices can even be good for you.

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  • You can filter out the people that definitely don’t interest you and save yourself some time. Simply be clear about what you’re looking for and the majority of people that approach you will be the ones you’ll actually want to talk to.
  • There is no need to overthink your approach tactic. It’s easier for some to show how charismatic, funny, and interesting they are when there is no pressure of live conversation. It’s true that you are unable to see their body language and facial expressions, but it’s a good way to ease into a dating world.

Even though we are quick to blame everything on technology, the truth is that technology has a lot to offer, we just have to learn to use it right.