Why Is HHC Distillate Getting So Popular Around The World

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Have you been wondering what the whole hype about HHC is? You are at the right place, as we will discuss its legality and why it is getting so popular worldwide in this article.

There’s no denying it; the worldwide cannabis industry is rapidly growing. The industry has shown to be rising steadily, with its current predicted rate of 31.9 percent by 2027. Perhaps, this is due to the several alternatives popping up to the conventional Delta-9 THC and CBD, including HHC distillate.

The HHC, also known as Hexahydrocannabinol, is one of the latest cannabinoids rising in popularity around the world. The cannabinoid exists naturally in hemp in trace amounts. Hence, a substantial quantity of HHC is derived from THC by hydrogenation. If you love to learn more about HHC, let’s dive right in!

What Is HHC Distillate

HHC or Hexahydrocannabinol is a naturally occurring trace cannabinoid. The HHC isn’t a recent discovery as it was discovered in 1944 by Roger Adams, an American chemist who added hydrogen to Delta-9 THC. However, it didn’t rise in popularity until recently.

Despite HHC occurring naturally in hemp, its small amount doesn’t make extraction and production cost-effective. Hence, the commercial production of HHC distillate by hydrogenation. HHC is known to be the most stable form of THC because of its resistance to UV radiation and heat, which inhibits it from degrading. Hence, a little longer shelf life than THC.

How Is HHC Distillate Produced

Making HHC is through hydrogenation, which is similar to the process of hardening vegetable oil into margarine. The first step of producing HHC involves the extraction of CBD from raw hemp. But since the amount of HHC in natural hemp is in small amounts, THC is saturated with hydrogen atoms in the presence of high pressure and a catalyst.

This alteration increases the binding affinity of THC and makes the molecular structure a lot more stable. Hence, HHC is so stable; that it doesn’t degrade or lose its potency and is highly resistant to UV light and heat. After the saturation of THC, you have HHC, which comes out as a viscous golden oil before distillation.

Why Is HHC Distillate Getting So Popular Around The World

The most significant selling point of HHC and why it is getting so popular is that the cannabinoid is promoted mainly by manufacturers not to show up on drug tests. However, this is only anecdotal and due to the belief that HHC doesn’t convert to THC, which is what’s checked in drug tests. So, keep in mind that this isn’t hard evidence.

Is HHC legal? Here’s one of the unclear things about HHC. Yet, its distorted legal status has aided its rise in popularity because there aren’t laws outright prohibiting it. Some vendors claim that the distillate is legal because it occurs naturally. However, HHC doesn’t exist naturally in a substantial amount. To get a usable amount, it must pass through some chemical processes.

Hence, the debate lies between HHC being natural or synthetic. Plus, since there’s currently no law prohibiting HHC, the compound stands in-between. So, the use of the cannabinoid is at your own risk. A legal bonus advantage of the HHC is that it doesn’t contain and isn’t THC.

Potency Of HHC

Regarding the potency of HHC, it is unfamiliar terrain as a conclusion is yet to be reached on the power of the compound. However, it has roughly around 70 to 80% of the strength of THC, making it more potent than other hemp-derived cannabinoids. Consumer reports that moderate consumption of the cannabinoid gives a euphoric and relaxing feeling. An identifiable effect of THC occurs when a user consumes a considerable amount of HHC. This is because the cannabinoid is usually a mixture of two types of HHC molecules during production.

These molecules are the 9R HHC and 9S HHC. The 9R molecule binds actively to the endocannabinoid receptors and yields effects similar to Delta-9 at a higher dosage. On the other hand, the 9S HHC doesn’t bind to the receptors due to its molecular structure. There have been several claims of HHC giving a pleasant and mild high and acting well as pain relief, relieving stress, and boosting appetite. Still, all these are without research evidence to back them up.

Effects Of HHC Distillate

The effects of HHC are another reason why it’s growing like wildfire. Despite not containing THC, it has results similar to it. The cannabinoid is considered psychoactive, less potent than Delta-8, and more potent than CBD.

HHC works similarly to THC, and in addition to giving a sense of euphoria, they share similar effects, such as aiding in relieving pain and sedation. Some consumers reported that the use of the HHC distillate is similar to Delta-8.

However, since the HHC and THC are closely related and similar, there are rumors of their therapeutic benefits being identical as well. There isn’t enough evidence to back up the words. Still, the few investigations that researchers carried out show that HHC possesses excellent painkilling benefits. But does that make it safe enough for consumption?

Side Effects Of HHC


It’s challenging to say that HHC is safe for consumption and isn’t as well. The safety of HHC is unknown due to its zero to non-existent research. However, here’s what you should know. The cannabinoid has no FDA-approved use and has very little information on its safety and usefulness.

HHC has quite a list of potential benefits, such as reducing anxiety, aiding good night’s sleep, and reducing pain or inflammation. Yet, it is essential to note that research is still lacking for HHC, so these benefits are yet to be verified by authorized bodies.

Although there haven’t been reports of adverse effects or overdose from using this semi-natural cannabinoid, still, there are some reports of harmful side effects by consumers. Plus, many of its short and long-term side effects are yet to be discovered.

Some of the side effects of using HHC are anxiety, dry mouth, insomnia, increased appetite, paranoia, dry eyes, disorientation, etc.


HHC is getting so popular around the globe because of its lack of THC, which makes it legal to purchase. Plus, with a milder but similar effect of THC, consumers worldwide are enjoying its use for recreational and, in a few cases, medicinal purposes. For more information visit this link!