5 Proven Ways To Gain More YouTube Followers In 2024 

Source: hindustantimes.com

Being popular on YouTube is not something you can do overnight. Actually, you need to pay a lot of attention to what the others do and decide which approach you prefer. Having a channel on this video platform is a huge responsibility since there are so many terms the creators should be respectful of. That means, when creating content, you need to that strictly follow the rules because anything else can bring to banning or suspending your account.

Let’s say that you understand the challenge, and you are aware of all the rules there. So, how to attract more subscribers and get YouTube views? Here are some of the proven ways to do that:

1. Remind the followers to like and subscribe

As you can see, many creators are doing that. They are putting a “subscribe” button during the video, and they will ask the audience to do that, even a few times. Maybe it’s not the best way, but it surely can encourage some people to follow your channel, and discover why your content is valuable and appreciated.

2. Interact with the audience

Make sure you talk directly to them. That’s a really encouraging approach, and you look friendly and outgoing. Everyone wants to watch interesting videos. Make sure your voice is calm, polite, and easy-going, and if you record your face, pay attention to the facial expressions. Make it look as natural as it can be at that particular moment.

3. Record longer videos

Source: vidyard.com

Even though people love short formats, they have that on TikTok. When they look for something on YouTube, they are expecting longer blogs and tutorials – so give them that. Many metrics show that the audience prefers longer videos on YT, and if they prefer something shorter, they have other platforms to get that.

4. Check the analytics regularly

This data will show what’s most interesting for the people who follow you. So, you can adjust the strategy to give them what they want. It’s not that easy to define your YT style since you will have to change it regularly, but you can try different approaches until you find the one that works the best for you (and your audience too).

5. Record at least one of every popular type of video on YT

What does it mean? According to the experience, people love “How to” videos, lists, comparing products or services, reviews, or reaction videos. Or you can try to cover most of them, depending on the main topic of your channel. You need to get into the audience’s mind, so you can adjust your content the way they would like.


These are simple, but proven ways to increase your YouTube audience and gain more followers this year. Surely, it’s always a good idea to set a goal but split it into a few milestones. It would be easier for you to accomplish the different stages, and be satisfied with the result. So, we recommend taking small steps at a time, so you can detect if there is some mistake, and have time to correct it immediately.