15 Things to Know Before Hiring Dedicated Drupal Developers 2024

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Want to hire dedicated Drupal developers? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Drupal is a popular free open-source content management system used to create websites and apps. It is known for its flexibility, scalability, and safety, making it a popular choice for both small and large businesses.

After reading our article, you will learn how to find and hire dedicated Drupal developers: what skills they should master, and how to understand whether the contractor is suitable for this work or not.

What to Look For Before Hiring Dedicated Drupal Developers?

Drupal is a CMS, which allows you to create a visually attractive, user-friendly, and reliable site that will hold a high position in the search engine. So it’s no surprise that more and more companies are choosing this platform for their projects.

Of course, you can achieve your desired goal only if your project will be carried out by an experienced team of specialists specializing in Drupal development.

We have compiled 15 items that will help you to choose such a contractor:

1. Your preferences

It is important to decide how you see the design of your site, what are your business goals, etc.

Then you can discuss your plans with the developer: some of your ideas can be implemented in their original form, and some can be changed to achieve even better results.

2. Company experience

Company experience
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Creating a website on Drupal is not just about programming. In addition to programmers, your project will also involve designers, testers, product managers, marketers, and other experts. The digital agency you are interested in must have a deep understanding of the entire Drupal platform.

3. Portfolio

A company’s portfolio on Drupal’s design and development is a good indicator of its ability and professionalism.

At this point, you need to: See this developer’s cases and how they impress you; Make sure that the contractor has experience in your or related niches.

4. Reviews

Reviews are a great way to assess customer satisfaction. We recommend:

  • Read reviews on third-party resources;
  • Search for reviews of companies with good ratings;
  • To study reviews on the website company;
  • Ask the brand for references from its customers.

The last option will allow you to ask the former clients of the company all your questions: How was the cooperation? Did the contractor meet the deadline? Are you satisfied with the result?

All this will help to get a more complete picture of the work of the company.

5. Communication skills

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Effective communication is the key to productive customer-developer relationships. That’s why you, as a client, need to know that the chosen developer is really good at this.

This is especially true as most digital development agencies operate remotely.

Make sure that the contractor is able to listen and hear, as well as easily and clearly present their ideas and solutions to your tasks.

6. Development process methodology

The development process should be transparent, and the methods used – adapted to your project.

7. Attention to detail

Creating a truly quality resource on Drupal requires a lot of attention to detail. If the development team you choose ignores them, there is a risk that you will get the wrong result.

8. Teamwork

It is not just important to hire someone who specializes in your CMS.

The contractor you choose must be able to work with the rest of your team. This means being ready to accept not only positive feedback but also criticism of their activities.

9. Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills
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A good digital agency should be able to solve any problems quickly without affecting the performance of the project.

10. Maintenance and support

The company you are interested in should not just release your site, but also ensure its regular maintenance and support.

11. Participating in the Drupal Community

This community brings together different developers. The company, actively cooperating with this community, can quickly find answers to the questions and optimize the site according to all your needs.

12. Knowledge of Drupal 10

All old editions of this CMS are obsolete from November 2024. That is why it is so important that your contractor has experience working on Drupal 10 and can effectively implement all the novelties of this edition in your project.

13. Project schedule

Be sure to agree with the contractor on the development schedule to understand what is the real-time frame for the project.

14. Service cost

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Before accepting to hire dedicated Drupal developers, it is important to know their pricing structure.

Reliable companies have a transparent and understandable cost structure, and the prices offered must match your budget.

15. Treaty

The responsible contractor will not refuse to sign the contract, in which you record the terms of the project and its budget, the expectations of the contractor from you, and your desired results.

By focusing on the details listed above, you will be able to ensure that you have found the right partner that fits all your business goals.

Signs You’re Hiring the Wrong Drupal Developers

Now that you know what qualities a qualified contractor should have, it’s time to talk about what to avoid:

Poor interaction

This may be because the developer does not have a clear understanding of your project and what is required of it; does not listen to your wishes and ignores questions/recommendations/objections from other team members.

Missed project deadline

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Almost every business, preparing to enter the market, has a clear plan, of how and when to make a statement on the Internet. If your developer fails to meet this deadline, it can lead to the failure of your plans.

Request for changes after project details are agreed

This can happen if a digital agency tries to use you somehow or simply does not understand its tasks.

To avoid misunderstandings or disappointments, be sure to document this moment.

Inefficient resolution of problems

If problems arise during the development process, the company should quickly eliminate them. Otherwise, you run the risk of not getting what you expected or facing a change in your website’s release date.

Lack of attention to detail

Although the details may seem trivial, they are often very significant and may affect the outcome. Failure by the contractor to address them promptly can also result in significant delays.

To avoid all the above situations, we recommend hiring dedicated Drupal developers – the Drupfan digital agency.

The company has long worked in this field. Its portfolio includes cases of different complexity and for different industries: education, medicine, auto industry, insurance, and finance, as well as startups.

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