Illinois Home Solar Solutions – 2024 Guide


Solar power has been gaining popularity because of some major reasons. The first one is the environmental protection against the harmful gases and residues released in the atmosphere. The other thing is the deprivation of fossil fuels.

The stress has been made on the renewable resources to get the energy requirements because of such concerns. Harness Power provides some of the best solar solutions. You will be able to manage the electricity requirements of your place without compromising anything. It won’t even cost much and will be a one-time investment. You can get consultations about the solar system from there.

Benefits of using solar energy

If you are confused about whether you should go for these panels or not, you should look at this. Here we have some of the advantages of using natural energy resources.

1. Reduction in electricity bills


The major concern for middle-class people is of getting rid of the extra cost generating things. And what would be better than getting free electricity? Solar panels might seem a bit expensive if you have to manage your whole house. But it will provide you with free electricity for years.

2. One-time investment  

Yes, installing solar panels will be a one-time investment. You won’t have to renew them on an annual basis, buy enough plates to generate enough electricity and the cost of wiring. These plates can easily last for 25 to 30 years without any problem. Therefore, it will ease your mind from all the efforts.

3. A renewable resource


This is the most convenient renewable energy resource that anyone can use. In addition, anyone can afford it. You can either connect some of your house appliances to it or afterward convert the whole place. It won’t cause any pollution, won’t take extra space. That is why it is extremely safe to be used in sunny regions.

4. Won’t take much space

These panels can be installed on the rooftops. You won’t have to spare some land for it. This is also the reason to use it conveniently anywhere and for anyone. Whether you have a flat or have a mansion, you can manage your electricity through these.

5. A tech solution


The developments in technology have resulted in the creation of highly efficient solar plates. With every progress, you will be getting the latest technology. In the future, you can get double and triple the amount of electricity from the same plates.

6. Wide applicability

Solar panels are not restricted to any place only if you have enough sunlight. Therefore, if you live in a place with enough sunlight, you should try this natural energy. This is the easiest electricity connection that you can get.

7. Easy to install and use


There are no legal bounding or regional restrictions related to solar energy. You won’t have to ask the government for it. Neither would you have to go through lengthy procedures to get the connection. So if you have a farmhouse at a remote place and that region does not have an electricity connection, you can install the photovoltaic panels. It will manage your electricity needs.

Disadvantages of use

1. Weather dependent


The major drawback that you will face with the solar energy system is the weather dependency. If it is a cloudy season, you won’t have enough energy. Therefore, you will have to get the regional electricity connection at all costs. Thus, in this way, you can use the panels when there are enough sunlight and other connection on rainy days.

2. Expensive storage

Although it is a one-time investment, you will have to spend a lot on it. If you get some appliances that run on solar connections, like fans and lights, it ok. But if you plan to store the electricity for night time, the complete system is a bit expensive. You will have to get some batteries and make a full connection with the socket board.

How much do the solar panels cost?


It would help if you first estimated the cost of electricity. Usually, the photovoltaic plates are sold based on the kilowatts (kW) of energy. The average price of the plates in California is $2.99 per Watt. Thus the whole system will cost you accordingly.

If you plan to set up only 3kW at the beginning, it will cost you around $8970. But if you want to go higher, the cost will change. For example, the cost of a 6 kW of the system will be around $18000. Furthermore, the cost of a 10 kW energy generation system will cost you about $30k.

Solar tax credit 

Using the panel system is not only economic but also provides you with amazing benefits. For example, the biggest benefit for you would be getting the solar tax credit from the government.

Tax credit for homeowners in California


If you are a resident of California, you will get the tax credit. When you purchase the solar plate system, you will get entitled to the federal investment tax credit. So if you are a house owner, the tax credit that you will get will be the 26 percent of the total cost. So, you won’t be at much loss even if you install a huge setup.

Cleaning of the solar plates

You can place the plates on your rooftop so that they get fully exposed to the sunlight. But do they need cleaning? Yes, of course. These plates work when fully exposed to sunlight.

So if the plates are covered with a thick layer of dust, their performance will be compromised. Therefore, you will have to clean the plates once in a month if there is a dust storm. Other than that, it is really not necessary to clean them regularly.



Using sunlight to get electricity is the best renewable energy resource. You won’t be compromising anything. Another type of renewable source often compromises environmental health. But solar plates does not. The sunlight will fall on the plates and photovoltaic cells will convert it into the electricity.