Renting in Berlin: How to Find the Perfect Roommates for a Flat Share

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Flat share is a popular way of renting in Berlin. Known in German as “Wohnungsgemeinschaft” or WG, flat share offers cheap accommodation if you don’t have the money to move into your own place. As the name suggests flat share is a situation where you share an apartment with other people. This can be your friends, work colleagues or even people you meet when house hunting. Rent and utility bills are split among those living in the apartment.

This mode of living is popular among students in Berlin obviously because renting a flat alone will be too expensive for them. If you’re traveling to Berlin and will be staying for a few weeks or months staying with Berliners in a flat share can make your stay more magical. The people you stay with can show you the sights and sounds of this European city and you can take it in as a local.

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So how do you get the right roommate to flat share? There is no certain way to know if your future roommates are psychopaths but use these tips to get into a working flat share arrangement.

1. Move in with people you have common interests with

If you’re a student, you probably like to party. So when looking to flat share it would be in your best interests if you stayed with fellow students who also like drinking and staying up late like you. Moving in with some who is the complete opposite of you may lead to constant conflict which is energy draining and you want to avoid. To get a good roommate to consider age, where they are in their career, hobbies, etc.

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2. Look at the common area

When you’re called to view a flat pay keen interest to the common areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. If these areas are clean it can be an indication that the people living in the apartment take hygiene seriously. In the sitting areas group portraits of flatmates could show they enjoy doing things together and have good relationships. Which is a good thing because you want to stay with people who get along.

3. Ask about how many people have lived in the flat

A good way to know if your roommate gets on well with others is to inquire about how many flatmates they have had in the past 2 or 3 years. A high turnover of roommates could show they might have a problem. They could be lazy and don’t do their chores, don’t respect boundaries, are anti-social, etc. Ask them to explain why too many people move out and if their answer doesn’t add up don’t move in with them.

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What are the best sites to find a flat share?

  • Studenten WG.  If you’re a student this site allows you to search for a flat share by cities.
  • Facebook. Most Berlin flat share groups are closed and you have to ask to join them.
  • HousingAnywhere. If you want to find your room in Berlin near the anchor or anywhere else for that matter this site has got you covered.
  • Craigslist. This site has a wide range of rooms, apartments, and houses listed. However, be careful when using it as there are some cons.