Is iPhone really the best smartphone on the entire market?

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With tons of new smartphones getting introduced to the public each day, one of the most frequently asked questions are “Which smartphone should I buy next?”

Unlike a few years ago when there were only two or three well-known and established brands out there, today we have tons of new companies making all kinds of phones, with the goal of becoming the ones on the throne in the near future.

However, today we are focusing on iPhones, since they happen to be one of the most sought-after phones on the entire market. Since a lot of people consider iPhones to be the best smartphones ever made, we wanted to make an article which will list some of the pros and cons in order to help you gain a better understanding for them. Let’s take a look.

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Functionality of iPhones

IPhones are well-optimized phones and there’s no doubt in that. All apps that are installed from the official Apple store run really well, and you won’t be running into any problems such as crashes and unknown errors.

IPhones have all of the modern functions that a smartphone user would need. These include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, accurate location services, GPS and what not. It is pretty much safe to say that IPhones will definitely satisfy your ordinary smartphone needs. They are also amazing for browsing the Internet, watching YouTube or Netflix content, as well as playing some of the most popular mobile phone games out there. Their battery is decent and not many people are complaining about it. If you are resourceful enough, the battery of an average IPhone will last for more than an entire day without having to recharge it, which is pretty much acceptable amongst most smartphone users.

However, IPhones do have their own flaws, and although it is nothing critical, it is definitely worth mentioning since we’re always appreciating transparency and objectiveness.

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Potential “Flaws” of the IPhone

According to, the most requested repairing services are usually connected with the charging port or the display. Although IPhones have great overall quality, it happens pretty frequently that the display suddenly dies without the user actually physically damaging the phone. Same goes for the charging port, and we all know how frustrating can that be.

If your IPhone display suddenly dies, you don’t have to worry that it is because of something you did, since most of the times this problem occurs for no parent reason, and it is also known as one of the most frequent IPhone issues.

If you happen to be in such situation, you should not attempt to repair the phone by yourself. Instead, seek help from a professional service that knows exactly what to do, so that you don’t further mess up your phone. The same goes for the charging port issue as well, and although that one might not be as significant as the display issue, you should still avoid attempting to fix it yourself.

Besides from these two things, IPhones don’t have any other issues such as overheating which is quite common among Android phones, so if you happen to get lucky and get a more “durable” version of your IPhone, chances are that you won’t ever run into any of these issues.