What to wear to church

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Two centuries ago, “Sunday best” literally meant the best clothes one possesses. However, types of clothes that are acceptable for the church have significantly changed over the year. Sill today, some congregations have a specific dress code, while others let their visitors choose what to wear.

There are certain rules when it comes to pieces of clothing one can wear to church. Casual outfits are just not appropriate for this type of occasion. When going to church you want to look elegant and respectful.

When it comes to men, some denominations are still trying to maintain a formal dress code. This means that men should wear a smart suit. If one wore shorts and a t-shirt, he would probably be restrained from entering the building. On the other hand, other communities allow more casual clothes. If you have just relocated and are going to some church for the first time, it is a good idea to check that congregation’s dress code. If there are multiple services, consider which one you are attending. It is possible that different services have different dress code e.g. family-orientated and traditional one.

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Furthermore, follow the tradition. If you are going to a Sunday service, you should opt for a dark-colored suit, like black or navy. If you want to see a collection of men suits, visit this website. Moreover, it is not necessary to wear a tie, but you can style the entire outfit by adding some color to it. As already mentioned, some churches are more relaxed, so you don’t have to wear a suit, but still, you should opt for a smart casual look. You can choose dark-color pants and a buttoned shirt with a blazer, and you should always stay away from jeans. Complete your look with oxford shoes, leather loafers or moccasins, and avoid sneakers and especially sandals and flip-flops.

Similarly, there is also a dress code for women. Women should avoid short and tight dresses. Opt for an A-line dress or a pencil skirt. Just make sure that it isn’t too short (it should be at least knee-length or longer). Skirts will give you that sense of elegance and you can pair them with any appropriate blouse. You can also accessorize with some pearl necklace or a watch.

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If you don’t feel comfortable in a dress or a skirt, you can wear pants. Pants in dark colors paired with a white blouse are classic, but you can wear any you like, just make sure not to wear ripped jeans because they are just rude. You should also avoid crop tops, too much cleavage, and spaghetti straps. Also, when going to church you shouldn’t wear shorts, leggings, see-through blouses and of course high heels. It doesn’t matter how much you love your stilettos, they are just not appropriate church attire. Instead, you should opt for 3-inch heels, flats or pumps to complement your pencil-skirt. Same as men you should never wear sandals or flip-flops.

All in all, these are some tips you can use when choosing your Sunday’s best. Investigate if there is a dress code at your church or if you can’t get this information and are not sure what to wear, our advice is to always dress up.