Is It Good to Start a Blog on Instagram?

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If you are passionate about blogging on Instagram but don’t want to create a website, then you are at the perfect place. It is quick and easy to start a blog on Instagram and it can take only one hour to do the same. To learn the exact steps for creating the account, go through this article once and stay connected.

One of the significant changes is that the people shift from the actual blogs that are hosted on websites to the people who are microblogging, according to A microblog means a different way to share your blog with the help of short and small posts along with images like on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter.

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Commencing a blog over Instagram will fall under the category of the sphere of micro-blogging. But the advantage of this is that there is no need to deal with web hosting, web designing, or writing such lengthy content in order to start blogging over Instagram. Micro-blogging is quite straightforward.

Without knowing anything about it, people are successfully micro-blogging. The blogging on Instagram allows you to share your thoughts as well as views with millions of audiences. In addition to this, you will also get a chance to collaborate with famous brands and also get paid for the same through the posts showcasing their products.

Advantages of commencing a blog on Instagram

There are a lot of perks have blogging via Instagram. Moreover, there is no headache of managing a whole website or writing posts that consists of thousands of words. Instagram can also be used as a blog to feed their shop.

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It allows you to increase your sales with the help of Instagram blogs and sharing with audiences everything about your product via stories as well as posts over Instagram. So, it is recommended to use Instagram over websites that will take a lot of time and effort as well. DM (Direct Messages) and likes are the ways beneficial for your business, and you can easily communicate with the customers. It will also help you to give a chance that will strengthen the relationship between customers and brands.

Through Instagram, you can collaborate with other brands and share their products by getting paid for the same. It will build up more connections with the brands.

To keep an eye over other bloggers you can use services like

The downfall of commencing a blog

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Unfortunately, there are some of the little downfalls for creating a blog over Instagram. We need to disclose the same.

First of all, the analytics are limited as Instagram will decide whether to provide you or not, which is not in detail as compared to Google Analytics or any other platforms of Analytics. Moreover, Instagram insights are a lot more limited. The content on Instagram is not technically owned by you only. Anyone can hack your account, and everything will be finished. Even, it can be shut down anytime.

Dive into the pros and cons before starting a blog over Instagram.