Is Technology a Boon or Bane for Our Kids?

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People often say that the human race is not getting any smarter but we are just technologically advancing. But how true is that? Isn’t the technology is discovered or invented by the human race too? While it is the reality that the technology has been fast-paced, one cannot neglect the fact that we are getting benefited by it to improve our knowledge on things and are not just getting deceived by the technicality of the world. One might be tempted to disagree on this. This article brings you information on how technology has been a great advantage for us, especially the kids to improve ourselves from the inside out and become smarter.

Getting kids to do something is a tedious job, especially when it is regarding their education. Getting a kid to do their educational activity like homework or assignment would be challenging as the resources were limited. But today’s technology has paved numerous ways for it. Earlier, they had to go in search of their class books and the solutions, but now students can easily find the right study materials online. Vedantu is one such company which is looking to change the face of education by guiding students and spreading knowledge online. Providing students with free study materials like the NCERT solutions online, which indeed benefits and pushes them to study more. The abundance of information available to the students certainly makes them smarter.

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Fun Way of Learning

Hard truth is that educational stuff is boring for kids. No matter how much one tries to bring students into an understanding that education is important, they will not understand it as they still kid. That is why it is so hard to convince them to do something where they don’t enjoy or have fun. But what if they find a fun way of learning? Kids are always attracted to the fun. After all, that is how human nature is. They want to do something fun all the time. Technology helps students learn the things in a fun and engaging way, which mesmerizes them to the extent that they want to engage themselves in learning activities. Often kids are using more technology to discover new things and are keeping themselves updated. This has helped students to yield themselves to learn new thing always, especially in the subject they don’t have interest in.

Filling the Gap

When a kid is least interested in any subject, his performance regarding the same will be noticeably poor compared to other kids. This creates a knowledge gap between the students which will ultimately affect their academics. Difference between kids will affect them mentally too. But, today, as the technology has introduced many ways of learning things differently (through visualisation, quiz, games, etc), kids find it interesting to engage themselves in those activities where they end up learning the subject or things that they were least interested in. The amazing part is that they don’t see it as learning, instead, they have fun and use their practical knowledge to learn things.

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Improves Grasping Power

It is scientifically proven that visual learning assists oneself to grasp things quickly. The images or video or game, whatever the technology has been used while presenting information, it demands the imagination of a kid which makes the information to stay longer in memory as it involves a chemical process in a student or kids mind. The long term memory that is developed through this method of learning usually doesn’t fade away easily. Besides, it also stretches “human-bandwidth” which comprises analysing new information, comprehending and absorbing.

Communication Skills

Have you noticed how some kids are excellent in their communication and others take a lot of time to come up with a sentence? Well, kids often learn things from what they are engaged in and technology is all about the engagement. When they engage themselves in learning and in communities, kids are attentive enough to improve on their own. Modern communication is instant and this will help the kid to speed up, the very factor that is requisite of everyone.

Critical Thinking

The four effective ways that fall under critical thinking are analogical, expressive, experimental and problem-solving. When kids are engaged in the comparison and map more ideas, it builds their analogical thinking. Technology supports verbal and visual expressions as mentioned earlier. This paves the way for expressive and experimental thinking in a kid’s mind, which are in the growing stage. Furthermore, the three ways ultimately lead to problem-solving skills which entail student’s attention and learning in the long run.

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Thus, is technology a boon for our generation?

As one can see all the facts discussed above, it is no doubt that technology has been a great blessing to our generation. Too much of a good thing can make one mentally sick and this is the reason why we see people blaming the technology. It all depends on how one uses it. The argument that we see in society regarding the technology is because of the way it has been used. We repeatedly hear people say that technology is using people, instead of people making use of technology. To an extent, this is true in certain scenarios. When it comes to the educational proceeding, there are opinions that the students are getting lazy because all the information is available for them in just one click and that is making them lazy. But there are also other ways of seeing it, as every truth has two sides. The idea where you are just a click away from any information and solution should and will indeed make one’s life more convenient. One can become lazy by getting solutions, only when they ignore it, which is completely their own choice. If one looks at the competition and the result constantly ascending around the world and the fact that the majority of the students are preferring to pursue higher education, it is clearly evident that students are getting smarter. Technology allows people to engage themselves and people undeniably get smarter when they are engaged. The virtual learning, infinite information, gaming, new technology and many more provided in the technology is consistently a boon for own generation.