Jessica Chambers – Terrifying Unsolved Mysterie

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When parents bear children, they often have big dreams for them. Such was the case when Jessica Chambers was born. Jessica hailed from Clarksdale Mississippi. Her parents Ben Chambers and Lisa Chambers woke up to a great day in their lives on the 2nd of February 1995, when she was born. However, that blessing was to turn sour when the bundle of joy that had grown into a young adult was murdered at the age of 19, on the 6th of December 2014. This is a devastating eventuality to any parent, not to mention her parents who loved her and taken her through high school.

Physical Appearance and Other Data

Jessica was averagely tall for a girl her age. She stood at 5 feet, 6 inches. By the time of her death records show that she weighed 55 kilograms. She sported a dark brown skin tone that blended perfectly with her blonde hair. She was endowed with beautiful blue eyes that seemed to pierce through whoever she looked at. She is said to have been a movie lover and was fond of great names such as Jennifer Aniston and Johnny D. She seems to have been a typical girl with pink being her color of choice. She preferred Miami for Holiday.


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Jessica Chambers was born in a family of nine children. She was a brother to Chris, Hudson, Brandon, Steve and Ben Allen. She was a sister to Ashley, Amanda, and Grace. According to sources available, Jessica blended well with her siblings. Family members say she was the kind of person everyone wanted to hang around with.


Jessica Chambers attended Gateway Christian School after which she proceeded to South Panola High School. She is also said to have been a focused student who also took part in many co-curricular activities. Jessica is reported to have been a cheerleader while in school.


While sources say that Jessica first wanted to be a teacher, a goal attributed to her closeness with her school teachers, she later decided that she would be a nurse.

Her Death

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Jessica is said to have been burnt to death alive on December the 6th 2014. She is said to have been in her car when someone entered and lit it up. Reports indicate that Jessica suffered 98% burns by the time she was airlifted to the hospital in Memphis. She was found along Herron Road, Panola. She was at the time trying to move away from her car, which was on fire. She succumbed to the serious burns on the 7th of December 2014. A suspect named Quinton has been subjected to trial twice. However, both trials have hit a dead-end owing to evidence technicalities. Tellis insists that he has nothing to do with the death of the young blonde.

The Horrific Scheme

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Jessica Chambers was found dead by her burning car on December the 6th 2014. Eye witness accounts claim that she was in her car when it was lighted and burnt. It is reported that her body was doused in a flammable liquid. The same liquid had been infused into her nose and in her throat. It appeared to have been a well-schemed murder plot. The intention must have been to decimate everything on the scene to evade any possibility of the murderer or murderers being tracked or traced. Her car keys were later found close to the scene of the crime. The phone was examined to reveal her movements on a material day. She was found to have been with two of her friends on the day of her death. She later visited her mother and took a nap before she decided to go and clean up her car.

The Immediate Suspects

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Authorities have not unraveled the mystery of the young girl’s death yet. The first responders indicated that she shouted Derrick or a similar sounding name to have been the one that set her ablaze. However, no one with such a name was linked to her or her murder. Even her boyfriend was questioned but nothing came of the interview. Following the confusing circumstances surrounding the investigations in Jessica Chamber’s case, the case has been categorized among the Unsolved Mysteries.

The Chief Suspects

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While Quinton Tellis was indicted for the murder, it became impossible to prove his guilt. The case has given rise to two consecutive mistrials. Tellis was indicted because he was the last person to text Jessica before her death. He is also said to have been romantically involved with her. Eyes are still trailed on Quinton Tellis for two reasons. Firstly, he has conveniently changed his story, severally, regarding his movements on a material day. He claimed to have been with Jessica in the morning when the data available shows otherwise. Further, surveillance data provide evidence of the two have been together at 7.30 pm, shortly before the inferno. Secondly, the movements of Quinton and those of Jessica seem to coincide. He went to and from Batesville at the same time as Jessica did. It is at around the time that Jessica was murdered.

The Jury Decision

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Sources indicate that the two had been together before the time of death of Jessica Chambers. After protracted investigations, Quinton was finally indicted in the year 2016. The first and second trials ended the same way- mistrials. The technicality was that a guilty verdict had to be a unanimous decision of the jury. Therefore, since, they could not agree on the same, it implied that Quinton was not guilty, an assumption that was later reviewed. While Quinton is said to have been the last known person to have been with Jessica, witnesses that responded to the alarm -the screams by Jessica when she was caught in the car inferno claimed that they heard Jessica scream a name other than Quinton Tellis to have been the one that set her on fire. They claim to have heard Jessica scream the name “Eric”. What is baffling is that Quinton Tellis is facing yet another murder charge in the state of Louisiana. There are many conspiracy theories, some of which strongly implicate Tellis in Jessica’s murder, but the jury is still out there. Prosecutors are still contemplating taking Tellis to trial a third time.