Poppy Drayton – Famous British Actress

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A Briton by origin, Poppy Drayton was born on the 7Th of June, 1991 in Surrey, England. As an actress, Poppy’s name came into the limelight following her playing the Elizabeth Thatcher role in the “When Calls the Heartfilm (this role was later transferred into Erin Krakow in TV series that followed thereafter).  Her first appearance in the movie industry was when she acted as Amberle Elessedil in the Shannara Chronicles film.

More so, in 2013, Poppy took the role of Madeleine Allsopp in “Downtown Abbey Christmas” special. During this show, she acquired a considerable amount of reputation. So who, in particular, is this person we are talking about?  Let us find more details regarding this British wonder-lady.

Early life & school

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Born on June 7, 1991, in the Surrey county of England, Poppy Gabriella Dayton is a British nationalist but of the Caucasian ethnicity. Gemini is her zodiac symbol. She grew up with an unmatched passion for movies and theatre. Luckily enough, Poppy’s parents were exceptionally encouraging and gave her all the necessary support she needed in her life desires and were very much willing to see her through her actress journey.

Poppy was enrolled at the Arts learning institution located in Chiswick, in the city of London. After graduating from the same school, her desire to pursue her life dreams in the theatrical industry was incredibly higher. She worked very hard to ensure that she realized her life dreams.


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Following her graduation, Poppy first entered the film arena in 2012 taking part in the movie Emily. A year afterward, she landed a key position in the Hallmark Channel T.V film “When Calls the Heart”. Acting an Elizabeth Thatcher role, Poppy did attract a lot of attention from both her critics and fans. Her subsequent role came during that particular year when she took part in the Downtown Abbey Christmas special film.

Her first role as the starring came in 2014 when she took the lead role in the Shannara Chronicles, MTV drama series. The same year, Drayton was given the opportunity to feature in various roles including Midsomer Murders and Father Brown among others. During the same year, Poppy received her very first stage role in the Jermyn Street Theatre, London in the film the Green Bay Tree.  2015 also proved a great year for Poppy. Again, during the year, she took part in two films – the Unhallowed Ground and Writers Retreat – as the starring. In 2016, she featured in The Little Mermaid, an MVP Studio’s film.

Private Life

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In essence, Poppy is among the lucky beautiful young ladies you will always want to meet. Without any sort of doubt, most of her followers will always want to stay closer to her. Yet, there are those who have been very lucky to be in her company and those who have only managed to read about her. And honestly, there is very little to write about in this regard.

Looking at the turn of events, Poppy has always taken her career very seriously and devotes more time to it than the time she spends on her social life.  In addition, she is the kind of person who likes keeping her private life to herself; hence, there is also very little to talk about regarding her relationship.  The only thing we can be sure of concerning the 27-year old British lass is that she is still unmarried. However, looking at the various photos she posts on her social media platforms, it could be an indication that she is dating.

Net Worth & Social Media

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Having been in the movie arena for about a decade, Poppy is considered among the most reputed personalities in the movie industry in England. She has had the opportunity to feature in various films and TV shows where she enjoys a big paycheque for her exemplary performance. According to reliable reports, Poppy is worth $2 million. These figures are likely to go up in the coming days.

Besides, Drayton is a social media enthusiast. She is very famed on Instagram, a social platform she enjoys a huge following of 96,000 social media fans. Twitter is not an exception as she has about 46,000 followers. In this case, if you think you love what she is and what she does, you can also grab this rare opportunity and be part of her fans on the aforementioned social media platforms.

Important points to note regarding Poppy Drayton

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While the name Poppy Drayton may seem familiar, there is more to what you know than what meets the eye, especially if you aren’t an MTV fan or you haven’t been keen on certain platforms in the recent past. Poppy has been constantly available and she has been working hard to cement her position for the past six years. Though not quite a long duration, it is sufficient time to enable her to showcase her prowess and choose what she really wants to be in life.

As such, she has been a mermaid and a princess – two most noteworthy responsibilities she has ever assumed. However, Drayton is the kind of person who will stop at nothing until they realize their life objectives. Her main focus is to get started career-wise and get moving on and on. For her, the sky is the limit.

Well, things may not be moving as quickly as you would anticipate at the moment, but Poppy isn’t taking chances and she is determined to hold on to her career’s steady tempo as she builds her fan baseline and continues living as a youthful and a fairly reputed person around Hollywood. There are greater chances that she is destined for higher rankings considering her exemplary artistry in the entertainment industry. You can bet that in a few years to come, her name will be something to remember. If things go as she believes, then she is going to give those already at the top a run for their money. There is actually no much to brag about at the moment considering the fact that she has only started and has quite much to showcase.  Looking at her current development and constant growth, being an actress, she must confidently keep on wowing and stunning her fans as she assumes new positions in the industry.