Which is the Best Method for Kidney Stone Treatment in Delhi – 2024 Guide

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Kidney stones are one of the most common health problems that affects millions of people around the world. Kidney stones can cause stinging pain in the abdomen, back and throughout the urinary tract.

In a metro city like Delhi where people lead a hectic lifestyle, their health often takes a back seat. Hence, ailments like kidney stones have become all the more common. The warning signs of kidney stones that most people face are nausea, frequent urge to empty the bladder, burning sensation while urinating. The other most dreadful symptom is the sudden intense pain below the ribs, in the back that extends to the groin area. The incidents of kidney stones common to both the genders and even youngsters are also turning out to be affected by them.

What should you do when you experience kidney stone pain?

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One mistake most people do when they experience kidney stone pain is to pop painkillers as soon as the pain starts. This is not the wise thing to do as the wrong medicines can lead to a number of side effects.

Therefore, if you experience excruciating pain related to kidney stones, the first thing you should do is to rush to the doctor. Get proper diagnostic tests done and follow all the treatment instructions given by the doctor. If the doctor prescribes any medications, take them as directed.

Also, if the doctor suggests undergoing surgery, do not rush into the treatment. Look up all the available treatments with the help of your close ones, evaluate their effectiveness and convenience and then make a confirmed decision free of any doubts. This will save you from the complexities and complications of invasive treatment procedures.

The best kidney stone treatment in Delhi

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These days, modern surgical treatments have made the riddance from pesky kidney stones easier. Laser and shockwave lithotripsy are the least-invasive treatment options that crush the stones with carrying out any big incisions on the body. These treatments are way too simpler, precise and time-saving in comparison to the conventional open surgeries.

Let’s gain further insight about these kidney stone treatments to give you a clear picture of the procedure. It will help you make a better choice of treatment without any apprehensions or worries.

Laser and Shockwave lithotripsy

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Laser lithotripsy and Shock Wave lithotripsy are the most technologically advanced kidney stone treatments available currently. Both these treatment procedures are quite similar. The main aim in both these surgeries is to crush the stone into smaller pieces, so that they can be easily move out from the body along with the urine.

In laser lithotripsy, this is achieved using a lighted ureteroscope inserted through the urethra. Laser energy is used to break the stone. Some of the stone pieces are removed using a surgical basket, whereas the rest are flushed out while urinating.

Shock wave lithotripsy, on the other hand, makes use of shock wave pulses to crush the stone. Once this is done, the doctor asks you to drink plenty of fluids so that the stones can be passed easily.

Both laser lithotripsy and shock wave lithotripsy are very effective and absolutely painless. These are outpatient procedures, which means you can go home on the same day. There is no risk of postoperative complications, and the recovery is very fast and smooth.

This is all about the kidney stone laser treatment. There is one more surgical option that is gaining preference these days. It is the laparoscopic surgery of the kidney stones.

Laparoscopic surgery for kidney stones

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The surgery is carried out with the help of a laparoscope and requires hardly 2-3 minor incision to insert the device. This surgical procedure also stands high in terms of safety, precision and short recovery time. The success rate of laparoscopic is also 100% like the two above-mentioned treatments. Though you may face mild discomforts for 2-3 days but that is absolutely normal.

Where can you find these kidney stone treatments in Delhi?

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Due to their effectiveness and convenience, a number of hospitals offer the modern treatments for kidney stones in Delhi. So it won’t be very difficult for you to find a healthcare provider for your treatment. One such reliable healthcare provider offering the advanced treatments is Pristyn Care. They are associated with some of the top hospitals and urologists in Delhi.

Tips for a speedy recovery after kidney stone treatment

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The following are the most common and helpful tips that doctors recommend to ensure there are no undesired complications after the treatment. Also, most of these tips keep away the chances of recurrence of kidney stones.

  • Drink a lot of water and other hydrating fluids. This will provide the required lubrication for the stones to pass without causing a lot of pain.
  • Get enough rest for a couple of days after the surgery. Do not resume your normal routine all at once. Increase your activity gradually.
  • Regularly have unsweetened cranberry juice and barley water to minimize the chances of formation of kidney stones again.
  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet that is rich in fibers and water content. This will help your body recover faster.
  • Talk to your doctor about anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medicines. These will come in handy while passing the stones and preventing infections.
  • Maintain regular follow-ups with your doctor to prevent any complications. If you notice symptoms like fever, chills, nausea, dizziness or unbearable pain, contact your doctor without delay.


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Kidney stones can be quite troublesome and thus it is necessary to get them treated in time. But trading the complications of a discomforting ailment with an equally complicated treatment option is certainly not the right choice. So, while opting for any treatment procedure, assess all the necessary factors and then make the decision. This will go a long way in ensuring a safe and successful treatment.