Top 6 Safety Apps for Parents to Try in 2024


Being a parent is not an easy job. It is necessary to monitor all the activities of kids to ensure whether they are doing the right things. They are innocent enough that they won’t share anything in trouble. It is the responsibility of a parent to observe what they are accessing and keep them protected from the harsh world.

You might have heard of parental control applications, which helps in blocking unnecessary websites and track all the activities of your children. You must use such apps to ensure the safety of your child. But you might be thinking about which one is the best.

In the following write-up, we will discuss some fantastic safety apps that every parent must use to check what their kids are doing in an online world. In 2024 pandemic year, children are quite involved in games, online school classes, internet browsing, and much more. Keeping them in discipline is your responsibility. Let us check out some interesting parental apps.

1. Wondershare Famisafe


This application can be used on any operating system like Android, iPhone, Windows, etc. No doubt, it can track all the activities of your kids that they are doing on their mobile phones all day. If you want to block some unnecessary websites, then you can also do the same. With the help of Wondershare FamiSafe, parents can control the time of screen and also, monitor the kid’s location.

If anyone is browsing adult or unnecessary content, then you can detect them and block those websites. If your child is relatively active on social media sites, then you can operate this application to determine whether your child is a victim of cyberbullying or not.

2. Bark


It comes with an easy and user-friendly interface, which anyone can operate with ease. If you are looking for the application, which is perfect in checking out social media sites, then you should consider this one. It helps in checking all the warning signs on different posts on social media, texts, emails, etc.

Parents can get notifications whenever their kid is in problem or when he is doing an unwanted thing. They can also seek advice and suggestions from the app to take the next step to handle their kid. You will get lots of alerts because it pushes notifications whenever your kid opens any app, website, messaging someone, and all other activities.

3. Qustodio


It is best for teenagers because it offers plenty of advanced features that can detect and control all unwanted websites. You can keep your kids away fromany inappropriate things so that they can focus on their studies. There is a feature of Facebook monitoring that can track all the messages, calls, contacts, posts, and other things that your child is doing in it.

You can filter porno or adult sites so that your kid does not browse them at all. It is possible to review all the timeline activities and whatever they are accessing online. You can select different website categories and block them. There is a Panic button to provide direct help to your child in case of any emergency.

4. Net Nanny


You may find difficulty while installing and setting up the application, but once you are done, you have full control over your child’s activities. It can also block different website categories, which you do not want your kid to see and explore. Somethings are not suitable for kids because they may get in trouble or lose their interest from studies. But working parents have no other option than providing mobile, laptops, and many other gadgets to them.

It is possible to track all your kid’s activities to help them by guiding every step of their life. If you want to set rules for your kid, so that he studies well, then you can temporarily stop the internet access. In this way, they will leave the device and go for studies. You can also track the kid’s location if he is out of the house with the gadget.

5. Kaspersky


If you are searching for the effective parental control application at a reasonable price, then you must consider this one. It comes with advanced features that anyone can afford to monitor your kid’s activities. This application pushes notifications, in which it will tell you what your kid is doing on his mobile.

There is a content filter, which helps in blocking and managing different website categories. You must keep your kids away from the adult and other harmful sites. You can set a boundary, and you will get a notification whenever you kid crosses that boundary.

If anyone is bullying your kid, then you can easily detect the activities on various social media platforms. If your child is out of his home, and he does not know about the low battery, then you can tell them to charge. In this way, he will able to connect with you for a long time.

6. Boomerang


This application is available for Android and iPhone users. It is capable enough to block unnecessary websites easily. In Android phones, this app is beneficial because it can track the kid’s location, filter websites, manage and control mobile apps, setting up geo boundaries, and much more.

It is also available at a reasonable price. If you need to keep your children in discipline, then it is necessary to use this application. You will have full control over your kids. You can also help them whenever they are in problem.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, parents are so much concerned about their kids due to the increase in the crime rate. They want to track all your children’ activities to make sure whether they are safely browsing the internet, not watching inappropriate things, and many more.

If they stop them on time, then they will focus more on studies. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor and control your kids for their security and bright future. You can consider any of these best parental control applications according to your preference.