Laminate Flooring: The Best Option for Decorating Your Home – 2024 Guide


Home decoration is always one of the most important aspects to consider in a house. No matter how inexpensive, the good decoration can make a big difference in making your apartment look much better. Besides, having a better decorated and more modern environment will make you and your family feel much better.

Among the most important types of decoration, but that not everyone takes into account, is that of laminate flooring. A good quality laminate floor that blends in with the rest of the home’s ambiance will make a big difference to your home. It will add to the feeling of warmth.

How do you know what laminate floors are?


Laminate floors are different from the rest because they are made with wood-based materials and a concrete finish. This makes the floor a more resistant material, not scratching, requiring less cleaning and a more natural and modern style.

It is a type of floor covering that consists of 80 to 90% wood. The wood inside the laminate is actually wood fibers processed at a high temperature with the addition of synthetic resins.

It’s made out of four base layers that blend under high pressure, and the top – the decorative layer which has a printed design.

These floors come in different colors and shapes. Generally, they are preferred in light brown colors and with designs that simulate wood. Besides being very resistant and preventing humidity, they are also a great decorative option for all homes.

At what prices are these floors available?


Although not very expensive, prices vary among the different stores and hardware stores that offer this product. At Brico-Valera, you can get many materials for your floor at relatively affordable prices.

A soft grey oak floor is available for a price of 25.97 euros/m². This is one of the most popular thanks to its light color and excellent quality material. On the other hand, the average oak is priced at $33.37/m². Its color is a little brighter and it is useful to highlight a warmer environment.

For those who prefer a chequered design, the classic beige oak at 25.96 euros/m² is an excellent choice for you. If you are looking for the same, but with a darker color, you should consider soft oak for a price of $25.96/m².

Aside from the design and material, the price is dictated by the class of the floor. There are various thicknesses of these floors (5 to 8 millimeters), and they are divided into two classes: residential and commercial.

Since there are various classes, according to the one a particular style belongs to, they are recommended for use in different rooms, for different purposes. For example:

  • Residential has a couple of sub-classes, for example, class 21- used for placing in bedrooms; class 22 for placing in the living room, children’s room; class 23 – used for placing in living rooms, kitchens, hallways.
  • Commercial is also divided into several sub-classes. Class 31 – for small offices, hotel rooms; class 32 – for smaller venues, cafes; class 33 – for shops, offices, and so on.

So, each class is clearly stated on the floors of your choosing and is determined usually by the association of the manufacturers, of the region you’re buying it in.

Once bought, most manufacturers offer a warranty (against worn off and stains, as well as color warranty). In other words, the manufacturer guaranteed the material is of a certain quality.

Characteristics of laminate flooring


All the prices of the apartments are quite similar. They are not very expensive and there is a great variety so you can choose the best one for you. You have the option to select the design you like best and combine it with the color you prefer. This way, you will get a more personalized home reform.

All the floors follow the latest trends in home decoration, so the options available will always be the ones that are in fashion. The current technology allows them to be resistant to stains, scratches, and are protected against moisture.

The installation of these surfaces is quite simple. If you want to install them yourself, you won’t have much difficulty, no matter how inexperienced you may be. However, you can always count on a professional’s help so that you don’t have to worry about anything.



Laminate flooring has many advantages over other types of surfaces. If you have not yet decided to remodel your home with these surfaces, you must see all the benefits these laminate floors bring.

  • Their prices are economical, and they are adapted to the client.
  • Their color does not change with the sunlight.
  • Its cleaning is very easy.It does not require much effort or specific cleaning products.
  • They give a more modern styleto the house. At the same time, they offer a warmer and more natural atmosphere.
  • It is not necessary to remove the old flooring to lay the new laminate floor.
  • The floors are available in many models and colors.
  • They are quite resistant to scratches, stains, blows, and dirt.

The three biggest advantages are:

  • That it is a highly resistant material. Unlike parquet, it is not so easy to damage. It is protected by a solid outer layer and is therefore ideal for spaces where furniture is often moved. It is also a good choice for families with children and pets. There are types that are extremely scratch-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. You can clean them with an ordinary damp cloth, and many manufacturers give a ten-year warranty on their floors.
  • It can be placed on every surface. It. can also come on concrete, but you can also place it on old parquet or tiles.
  • Laminate floors are glued or screwed to any surface. Its placing is based on a so-called click system. The boards are just put into each other. Most people install laminate flooring themselves. Along with the boards comes isolation that is placed under the boards.

Although it’s a wooden floor, the design doesn’t necessarily have to appear so. When produced the pattern is printed on the boards, so there is a really large selection of styles. The most common are variations on the theme of wood pattern, but there are also laminates that imitate brick or stone. So, possibilities are countless, and you can be sure they’ll fit in your interior.

The advantages offered by these surfaces are many. It is a great investment for people looking for a more modern, durable, and low-maintenance floor. Besides, their prices are quite economical compared to many other types of surfaces.

Accompany your floors with other products


BRINCO-VALERA also offers other types of products for the home that combines with the laminate floors. Wooden frames are an option to complement the modern and natural style you want to create. They are not very expensive or difficult to install.

Rustic wooden doors are available to give a more classic style. If you want something more daring, a white lacquered door is ideal for you. It is worth noting that the doors’ color is not the only important thing. There are also different models for you to choose from according to the style of your preference.

Finally, never forget the safety of your home. The security of the locks is critical to protect your home. Always replace your old locks with newer, more modern ones. This will prevent you from having a problem with intruders.

You can decorate your home with many economical options are available. You won’t need much money to have a better home environment. Just call or email and ask for a quote to get you started on your remodeling.