How to Make Your Bathroom Senior Friendly


We spend a good part of every day life in the bathroom. It’s a place where we almost start and end every day. While we are in full force, the functionality of the bathroom is not our priority as much as, say, aesthetics. However, when the late years come and strength begins to betray us, it is necessary to adapt some everyday things to new possibilities.

With age, strength but also mobility are lost. Therefore, actions that used to be routine at a late age cause us difficulties. Given that, it is very important to adapt the bathroom to the elderly, to adjust it so that it is functional and safe to use. Debt bathing is simply a thing of the past while getting in or out of the tub has become much riskier. What is the solution then? How to adapt the bathroom for the elderly and make their daily routine easier?

In this short guide, we offer you the changes you can make to adapt the bathroom for the elderly.

Faucet change


To begin with, replace the taps that need to be screwed in with the lever taps. Believe it or not, now you can find taps on the market that set the board low and the lever can be moved with your foot. In general, installing a new faucet should not be too much of a challenge. However, if you are not completely sure, it is best to turn to professionals.

Mobile shower head


As we have already mentioned, it can be very difficult for the elderly to stand while taking a shower. You will make things easier if you get a mobile shower head instead of a static shower. It can be held in your hand and adapted to your every move or need. In this way, the elderly person will be able to sit and take a quality shower.

Grab bars

The best way to adapt the bathroom to the elderly and make it efficient and safe for them is to set up a safety handle. Even people in full strength happen to slip on the bathroom tiles, therefore, grips can make this process very safe. In the shower cabin, next to the toilet, at the very exit from the bathroom, wherever you need, you can place handrails or rails. This will greatly help not only the elderly person for whom it is primarily intended but also caregivers. Installing the handrail is quite simple and does not require too much time or investment.

Toilet at the appropriate height


It is very inconvenient for the elderly to sit low, and even more inconvenient to get up from a low seat. So consider lifting your toilet bowl. You can do this in two ways. You can buy a taller toilet bowl, even for 3 inches, and install it instead of the old one. Another way is to install a thick toilet seat. A thick toilet seat will surely solve this problem and you can do the whole job as a plumber. You won’t even need a screwdriver because their installation is extremely simple.

Soft carpets and bath pillows


We suggest that you get thick rugs for cushioning because they will be necessary for those who take care of the elderly when the bathroom is adapted to the elderly, you must also keep in mind the ease of work for caregivers who will bathe and maintain them. They spend a lot of time on the lawn, so Thick rugs for cushioning are really necessary.