Most Essential Gear For Your Home Gym

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If you’re a person who likes to have a gym in his own garage, then this is the perfect place to be. Chances are you’re reading this article because you’re eighter in the process of making a home gym, or you’re looking to upgrade on certain gear.
But regardless of eighter, we’re here to make your life easier by telling you the essential gear for your home gym.

1. Dumbbells

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There are dozens of exercises you can do with dumbbells, so it’s the reason why we’ve included them on our first spot. Dumbbells are quite versatile and they come in different shapes and weights. But we recommend hex shaped with black rubber coating since these are the ones that are most comfortable and last the longest. Make sure to always get dumbbells in sets of 3 or 5 and in different weight ranges to get the most out of each exercise.

2. Kettlebell

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While some people argue that kettlebells are not essential gear for home gyms, we would argue the opposite. Kettlebells allow movements different from dumbbells because they are more challenging. Kettlebells are also very versatile and can add much to your training regime, just like dumbbells. When on the market for kettlebells, always get the ones that have big and smooth handles.
You can get more info here about kettlebells.

3. Pull Up Bar

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The ultimate gear that every home gym should have is the pull-up bar. The pull-up bar can be used for a variety of gymnastics exercises that strengthen your back and arms. Installing one is a piece of cake since most of those can be put right onto doorways. If you’re not using a pull-up bar for pull-ups, you can always use the bar as a resistance bar in lifting weights.

4. Rings

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Excellent for bodyweight, rings are essential gear for home gyms and for traveling. Yes, people who are actively training usually take rings with them on their travels. Rings hold the unique ability to increase your training workouts by adding a whole category of gymnastic exercises. When choosing rings, always go for the ones that are lightweight and easy to handle.

5. Jump Rope

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Everyone has jumped rope as a kid and if you’re building a home gym, then a jump rope should be essential gear for it. Jumping rope gives you excellent cardio training and it allows you to coordinate quite a bit. If you’re a beginner, then go for a durable one. If you’re experienced in jumping rope, then get a lightweight rope so that you can work on your speed and timing.

6. Weight Plates

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Weight plates are placed onto your bar and are used to weight lifting. Weight plates come in a variety of weights such as 2,5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, and for the more serious of weight lifters, 45 kg. If you’re seriously considering getting into Olympic lifting, then get the ones that have rubber bumpers on them.

7. Stepper

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Stepper has many benefits for your health. It is good for your lower body toning. It effects the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and calf muscles. This is also the good replacement for jogging or running and practicing on stepper is good for cardiovascular workout. The stability and balance will improve by using this machine. You can check this site and see what else you can do with the stepper and how it can improve your workout sessions.